Keep your Pup Safe for the Holidays with Pup Light!

Hey All!

Are you a night time dog walker like me? My family and I have to walk the dog late at night because he always has to go out. He’s not trained to go inside the apartment, which is a good thing, but it sucks no matter what time or rain or shine, you have to walk the dog. And being that I live on a block where EVERYONE has a dog, and they don’t know how to curb their animals, it’s difficult to see where you are stepping when it’s dark out.

If you can imagine me walking around with a mini flashlight down the sidewalk just trying to see where their is poop, it’s ridiculous. I have to do this because their is literally poop everywhere. I live in a nice neighborhood and as of recent the people that have started to move in don’t care or pick up after their dogs! It’s really terrible. It’s so bad that someone printed out signs that say “It’s beginning to look a lot like Poopville… every where you step” and hung them on every light post or poll on the block. I agree and it needs to stop! I digress…

Well thank GOD Pup Light has come along and now I can retire my flash light and now I can see at night!

So what is a Pup Light you ask? Its a adjustable collar a bright steady light that hangs like a dog tag. It’s very bright and contains three LED’s. It hangs from it’s special elastic collar.

The Pup light requires 3 AAA batteries. I received this amazing product to review in the Red color and I couldn’t wait to insert the batteries and take it out to the streets with Mr. Pink. He was all lit up and ready to hit the pavement.

I struggled to get a picture of him in it while we were on the street since it’s been raining and I can only hold a dog leash and an umbrella in my hands. It was great not only for him but for me..since it was nice to see what was ahead of us for a change. No more poop on my shoes! And this is also a great tool for cars to be able to see me and the dog as we cross the street.

It came with a collar but the Pup Light plastic attachment with light can be placed on many types of collars you already have and the light can be angled to the position of your choice.

The Pup light is water resistant which is important for those wet nights like tonight! It’s a great gift idea for those of use with furry friends that need to be walked for the Holidays! I highly recommend you have one or gift one to someone if they walk their pets at night.

You can purchase the Pup Light at for about $20 and they are available in a variety of different colors.

**Disclosure: I received a Pup Light to review for this feature post. All opinions are my own and I was not paid or compensated in any way for this feature post.**