Keeping the Family Happy!

Hey all!

How do you keep your family Happy? This is a question I was asked to write about for Farm Rich and Social Moms and I have to answer that I do my very best to go above and beyond to keep my family happy. I try to make sure they are living the best possible lives they can be living and I also try to make sure they have everything they need to make them happy.

There are just three of us in my family mainly, then two other kids that are a niece and nephew that come to visit every so often. I try to keep everyone happy by making sure everyone is content with each other. There is nothing worse than having issues between family members that aren’t resolved. I try to make sure our teen is never angry at us or we resolve everything when we do have arguments. It keeps everyone happy when their are no issues in the family.

I also try to make sure we take some time out as a family to do activities together. Like every year we go to our most favorite place in California…Disneyland!

We go so much I honestly don’t even need this map anymore. I know where everything is in Disneyland. We love going their as a family. It makes us beyond happy and I make it a mandate that we go every year since it honestly is the Happiest place for us that is close by. All the food is great, the rides are great, the shows are great. Disney truly has a little bit of magic to it and it honestly keeps my family as happy as can be.

Another place I go with my family is to the beach.

My non hubby and teen love the beach. They can play in the water with the dog and sit on the beach for hours. They love it! So when summer comes along, we make it a habit to go every other weekend.

Other things I do to make suremy family is Happy is…

I stock up on the foods they love like Cadbury eggs that are in season right now because of Easter! My non hubby LOVES THEM! I can’t even tell you how much he loves them. So I went out as they were buy one get one free on sale the other day, and I bought him a box filled with Cadbury eggs.

We also have family movie night where each week one of us picks the movie to watch each week together. It makes sure that everyone gets what they want each week and everyone has a turn. I also make sure we have enough money to spend on ourselves, and I make sure we make time for eachother.

Those are just some of the things I do, but What do you do to make your family happy?

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