Keeping My Skin Silky Smooth With Suave!

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Hey All!

I don’t know about you, but when the weather changes my skin has a freak out. It gets out of control and becomes very dry and itchy. I’m sure a lot of people are having the same issue now that Fall has rolled in. It can be a nightmare if I don’t moisturize. During this time I have to make sure I keep my skin extra moisturized. I’m all about keeping my skin silky smooth thanks to the help of my Suave lotions. They are my little dry skin miracles that I use every day. I have two favorites from Suave…

The Suave Moroccan Infusion Lotion and the Suave Smoothing Body Lotion with Cocoa & Shea Butter. I got both my bottles of lotion at my home away from home Target by using their awesome promo on their Cartwheel App for 10% off Suave Lotions!


I use the Suave Smoothing Body Lotion with Cocoa & Shea Butter on my legs since they need extra moisture. I for some reason get more dry on my legs. It must be my Latina skin! It instantly relieves the dryness and it softens my rough, dry skin. It replenishes the moisture in my skin to make it look and feel beautifully smooth. This unique formula is enriched with a mix of nutrients, which are known to enhance the moisturization of the layers of skin and improve texture. The result is skin that looks and feels unbelievably soft and smooth.


I use the Suave Moroccan Infusion Lotion that is infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil on my arms and upper body. It’s lighter and Non-greasy, so it feels better on my arms, hands, and neck area. It leaves my skin beautifully silky and stunningly radiant. Moroccan argan oil (in case you didn’t know), is known to have skin-softening antioxidants and nutrients. It is one the world’s most treasured beauty secrets. This lightweight miracle oil is infused into this rich lotion, which absorbs quickly for silky, radiant skin. It also provides 24 hours of moisturization! That’s a bonus in my book, because that makes sure my skin will look silky and smooth for the whole day!


Keeping my skin looking good from head to toe is something that is very important to a blogger like myself. You never know when we will be walking a red carpet, interviewing a celebrity, or covering an event.


We always have to make sure our skin looks good and thanks to Suave we can do that!


Again be sure to head out to Target and use their awesome promo on their Cartwheel App for 10% off Suave Lotions! If you don’t have this app, you’re missing out on a ton of savings if you shop at Target as much as I do. The App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Download it asap and get to saving on some awesome Suave Lotions!

You definitely want to download this app and take advantage of this Suave Target Cartwheel promo asap, because it ends on 10/24/15!

You’re skin will definitely thank you for it! I know mine does!

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