Keeping Our Culture Alive With Verizon FiOS! #SomosFiOS


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There is nothing I love more than having high speed internet on my computer and mobile devices. Luckily Verizon FiOS provides that and more with their lightening fast interest speeds. Another thing I love a lot more than my high speed internet and tech gadgets is getting to spend time at home with my family. We love to sit on the couch vegging out and enjoying our favorite shows. Often times I make the family watch shows in Spanish so that they can see the type of television I grew up watching with my Grandmother. I used to watch novelas aks Spanish language TV soap opera shows with my Grandma every day and it helped me learn to speak Spanish. Now that I’m watching these shows with my own family I know it’s helping them learn about our culture and to learn Spanish at the same time.


If you’re Latino and or you speak Spanish at home, Keep your culture alive in your home with the best content in your language. Verizon FiOS has an amazing Spanish Language Television Service Package that brings you 70 channels, with 14 of them in HD*.  You also get 50% off and pay only $7.49 a month for the first 12 months! It’s a great deal that can provide you with only the best Spanish language content you can watch on TV, in my opinion of course.

You can get a bundle package that includes 25/25 Mbps INTERNET + FiOS TV MUNDO + PHONE for as low as $79.99/month for 2 years plus taxes & other fees. You choose one of the great FiOS bundles they offer or you can create your own bundle that fits your needs.


There are some amazing channels to choose from like Cine Sony Television and Pasiones which are two of my favorite channels to watch. I love all the amazing Hollywood Blockbusters I get to see in Spanish for a change. Cine Sony Television shows all your favorite Hollywood Blockbuster movies in Spanish all day and all night long. How awesome is that? I think that’s fantastic because children who know the movies they are watching in English will be able to connect what they are saying in Spanish if you’re trying to teach them how to speak Spanish.

Having a package like this in your home is a win win for the whole family!

It really is a great way to keep your culture alive in your home.

For more information on all the amazing packages Verizon FiOS has to offer visit their Website and be sure to follow their Spanish Language Social Channels at @SomosFiOS on Twitter and Somos FiOS on Facebook.


This is part of sponsored campaign as part of an Ambassador program for Verizon FiOS. All opinions are my own.

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  • Great service package! I know when I lived abroad, finding an English language package was a must for me. I can understand why my Spanish speaking friends would enjoy this. Language is a lovely thing to be immersed in to relax.

  •" target="_blank">Penelope

    I love your office space, we have the same computer 🙂 I use Verizon too for my blogging needs and family.

  • We try to expose our children to a variety of cultures, and I hadn’t considered technology as a resource in that. I need to put my Verizon service to use.

  •" target="_blank">HilLesha

    I agree with you that is is very important to keep culture alive in a household. 🙂

  •" target="_blank">Tisha Berg | Biz Mommy

    I love your new site design, such a fun theme! And can you come and redesign my office space, please?LOL. How great that you get to share long-held traditions with your family, that’s really special. And even if they grumble about watching some of the shows now, the kids will definitely hold that as a wonderful childhood memory.

  •" target="_blank">Anne - Mommy Has to Work

    I love using Verizon for my phone. Wouldn’t want any other service.

  •" target="_blank">Liz Mays

    As of late, I’ve really been hearing such wonderful things about Verizon FIOS. It sounds like something worth checking into for sure!

  •" target="_blank">Raijean

    I’ve been wanting to try Verizon, I think I’m going to take the plunge.