Keeping Our Fall Wardrobe Looking Good!

This is part of a sponsored post for Socialstars & Tide #TideThat.

Hey All!

I love Tide pods as they are easy to use and effective in making sure our clothes are incredibly clean. They not only clean our clothing, they keep the colors looking brite and bubbly as they should be.

I can just pop one in the washer with the laundry and there is no fuss of having to pour or spill any laundry detergent on my hands. I also don’t have to use multiple products now on our laundry since we started using Tide Pods.


Tide Pods have the combined benefits of detergent + stain remover + brightener in one! While they are so small and cute, you do need to keep these high up and out of the reach of children for safety reasons.

Tide-Pods-Back pack

They are placed on the floors of bathrooms and god knows where else. You can’t forget to wash those backpacks during the year. They do get just as dirty as clothes do (if not more).


Lunch bags are the same in my opinion. You never know what food will spill in them or where they are placed by your kids when they are at school. You want to make sure you keep those clean and washed as well. Your kids food goes into those lunch bags, you should really make sure they are clean enough to put food in.


You also want to keep those lunch bags looking colorful and adorable all year long. A Tide Pod in the washer with your lunch bags and backpacks will surely do the trick.


I love making shapes with my Tide Pods in case you couldn’t tell. I’m like a child some times.


For more info on Tide Pods visit their website!