Keeping Myself Stress Free During The Holidays!


Hey All!

Can you believe the holidays are here? In case you didn’t know, it’s an incredibly busy time for me. Actually saying I’m just busy is an understatement! I will admit, I am also very stressed out this time of year. I have tons of holiday themed work to do and events to cover. I have guests coming over, cleaning and decorating to do, parties to plan and more! Being that I’m a one-woman show who is running my own business, it can get very overwhelming trying to get everything done. I often feel like I’m working 24 hours a day to get everything done for the blog, as well as for my personal life. It can get very stressful, to say the least. Thankfully I have a variety of Rescue products to help calm me down when I’m super stressed during this time of year. It’s my new secret weapon to combat my stress!

I honestly decided to try a few Rescue products when my doctor literally told me I was so stressed out, that it was making me sick to my stomach. I had to find something to help with the stress and these products do just that. They are an all-natural remedy that puts me at ease during stressful times and it allows me to live stress-free, even during the busiest times.


I’ve got a regimen now of how I use these products. I carry the Rescue Pastilles in my purse with me at all times. I pop one of these when I’m running around all day looking for products for DIYs or gifts for the holidays. They are perfect to grab and go when out and about. Holiday shopping can get very stressful and these help ease the stress of the madness in stores.


They fit easily in my purse or in my pocket.


I also carry the Rescue Remedy Spray in my purse when I’m going to an event for the blog. I may seem very confident in front of the camera, but in reality I’m not. It’s very stressful for me and I have to push myself outside of my comfort zone and be bold in order to walk and dance on those red carpets. I take two quick sprays and it relaxes me before I hit any red carpet events. The last thing you want to do is look nervous and stressed out in pictures on the red carpet. I also don’t want the celebrities I meet to think I’m unprofessionally. Looking calm and collected is always the way to go when I’m at events.


Before bed, I chew on one of the Rescue Plus Sleep Gummies. It helps me fall asleep fasts and I wake up feeling stress free and more refreshed. That always helps me with all the busy days I have ahead.

I’m super thankful to have worked these stress relief products into my daily routine, because I need all the help I can get in order to decrease the stress during these crazy busy holidays. We’ve just gotten started with the holidays and it’s only going to get even busier as we get towards Christmas. It’s nice to know I have a little remedy to help get me through it all stress free!

If you’re looking for something to help keep you stress free during the holidays, I highly recommend you try Rescue products! You can check out their store locator to find them at your local Whole Foods, GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe.



This post was sponsored by Bach Rescue.  All opinions and experiences with this product are that of my own! Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!