Kia Rio 5-Door! The Ultimate gift for Mom this Mother’s Day! #KIAMOMS #Mothersdaygg

Hey All!

So if you caught my teaser post about the Kia Rio 5 Door Sedan you just got a taste of why I feel it is the ULTIMATE Mother’s Day Gift! I mean come on ladies, if you stepped out of your home and your family handed you the keys to the Kia Rio 5 Door Sedan and said “Happy Mother’s Day” who wouldn’t leap with excitement! It’s a gorgeous car and it is the perfect gift for busy moms on the go! A must have even! When Kia dropped it off at my house I was instantly in LOVE! I kid you not. It was the perfect size and perfect color for me and my family. There are only 3 of us and when my niece and nephew are with me there are 4 or 5 of us max so we don’t need a huge car.

The 5 Door KIA Rio has a 6 speed automatic transmission, it’s super spacious even though it looks small, an amazing amount of safety features, high tech gadgets, and the best warranty in the industry.

This car is the perfect car to park anywhere as it’s not a huge car and can fit in smaller parking spaces which is a must have if you live in the city like we do.

I loved everything about this car! I even loved the key to the car! YES I LOVED THE KEY!

The key comes in this little compact casing and when you pressed the little metal button on the front…

The key pops out!

I know many of you are probably like big deal my key does that, well I normally drive an old school 2004 Toyota Corolla with just a regular old key so this was amazing to me! I also loved the size of the steering wheel as I’m 5’2 and have small hands. The wheel’s width where you grab onto was the perfect size for my hands, unlike the car I currently drive. I immediately noticed that my hands don’t feel strained after driving this car, since they usually do after driving our regular car that has a super thick old wheel.

Honestly I truly loved everything about this car, from the smooth drive to the amazing compact size to the surprising amount of space to the FABULOUS Sirius and UVO stereo system powered by Microsoft that allows you to personalize your driving experience by using the sound of your voice!

Yes you can set the system to be voice activated, so you don’t have to use your hands and it connects to your phones through the blue tooth system. UVO lets you navigate your phone and audio controls for the car while you drive. You can still control it by hand if you need to and their are also controls right on the steering wheel as well so you don’t have to reach over to the UVO.

The car would connect to my iphone and read all my contacts and media on my phone! It was seriously such an amazing feature especially for moms or Mom Bloggers since it can be like your own little mobile command center as you drive! I also loved that it would display my name on the screen as well.

You don’t have to take your hands off the wheel to answer the phone, there is a answer call and end call button right on the steering wheel! One of the features I really loved, that truly makes this the perfect MOMMY Car, was the fact that it not only has a car lighter, it has a usb port, an aux cable jack, and a perfect slot that fit my Iphone! You can see by my arrows where the usb port is and where the iPhone slot is in the picture below. The usb slot allows you to charge your iPhone, iPads, or Ipod Touches while your in the car and it lets EVO read the music and contacts on your phone. You also don’t have to figure out where to put your phone or search for the phone in your car with the amazing little space provided. Everything has it’s own neat little space! LOVE IT!

This car makes driving so much safer as you can focus on driving and keeping your family safe on the road instead of trying to find a phone to answer!

EVO is also really an added safety bonus and not just another cool touch screen stereo system. It comes with a rear camera so when you’re backing up it will show you on the screen if anything is directly behind you. I loveeeed that feature!

The car also has a system called the Eco system which is a system similar to that of a Hybrid vehicle, except this care isn’t a hybrid. The Eco system essentially monitors your driving so when you’re driving in certain areas, like up a hill for example, it will use more gas to get you up the hill, but if your just out running errands it will use less gas. It’s a system that will essentially help you save your gas and will save you a ton of money at the pump!  It has to be turned on by a switch right underneath the steering wheel. And you will know it’s on since it will say ECO on your dashboard in green like you can see the pink arrow pointing to it in the pic below.

The RIO really is great on saving you gas as it has a fuel economy of  up to 40 miles per gallon (mpg). And if your a mom that likes sports cars it has kind of a stick shift that will give you an extra boost in power when you drive, so you can drive it kind of like a stick shift or as a regular an automatic car.

Another amazing feature was the side mirrors! They were controlled by the little button on the driver side door marked with the arrow.

When you pressed the button the left and ride side mirrors will fold in which is so perfect when you live in the city! You don’t have to worry about some speed demon taking off your mirrors if you’re parked on the street since they fold in and you don’t have to give yourself a hernia trying to push your mirrors in. The car makes everything so much easier!

The car has so much room in the front seats…

Back seats…

And in the trunk!

Yes that’s my teen inside the trunk of the car just to show how big it is! lol. The car is also very well lit on the inside and out.

And finally I love when you turn the car on and off it would also say hello and goodbye in the dashboard!

It really was truly hard to say goodbye to this amazing Kia Rio 5-Door! I almost teared up I kid you not when Kia came to get it.

This car would be a fabulous gift for any busy mom busy mom this Mother’s Day or ANY DAY! If you’re thinking of getting mom the ultimate Mother’s Day gift this year you definitely should look into the Kia Rio 5-Door sedan! That special Mom will love it I guarantee it!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received this car from Kia to review and feature in this gift guide and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***