Kindergarten Prep At Home Learning: Hand 2 Mind Tools!

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We’re back with another fun at home learning theme learning day idea! Once again complete with fun educational tools! I know getting ready for kindergarten can be tough for new parents like myself. It can be difficult to know where even to begin. Since the majority of us are learning at home and doing our kindergarten prep at home, we’re thrilled to get these amazing kindergarten learning tools from hand 2 mind! Hand 2 mind is a company whose mission is to support teachers, inspire students, engage parents and champion learning by doing. They offer resources that help with learning at home. From downloadable lessons to a range of self-checking activity books, hand2mind offers engaging ways to support learning Math, Science, Literacy and more.

We were thrilled to be sent these amazing Learning at Home Family Engagement Cross-Curricular Kit for Kindergarten, which includes the Hands-On Standards® Learning at Home Family Engagement Math Kit and Learning at Home Family Engagement Literacy Kit. These are both amazing tools to have for Kindergarten prep!

Hands-on Family Engagement Kits are perfect for engaging learners and building connections at home. These kits make learning accessible for all students and are designated to reinforce core instruction through hands-on activities. Embedded instructional support gives families the tools they need to confidently support learning at home!

These kits allow for the following:

  • 6 weeks of comprehensive activities, games, and parent support
  • Designed to support remote learning, summer school, and extra help at home
  • Spanish translations included for key materials
  • Reinforces core instruction
  • No devices are required

If purchasing for summer choose the grade that was recently completed to help prevent summer slide.

This double kit comes with all of the following:

  • Easy-to-follow planning calendar
  • Activity book
  • hands-on manipulatives that align to activities (Dice, UniLink Cubes, Rekenrek, Attribute Blocks, Two-Color Counters, Links, Phoneme Phone, FingerFocus Highlighter, Magnetic Wand and Chips)
  • 2 Dice
  • 100 Two-color counters
  • 1 Mini-Rekenrek
  • 100 Links
  • 50 Linking cubes
  • 30 Attribute blocks
  • Resealable bag for storage


Our son is still a little to young for this as he’s just turning two, but we’re planning ahead. We’re introducing him to all of these tools, so we can get a head start at preparation for kindergarten. He loves to play with the Rekenrek.

The foam shapes he actually practices his shapes with along with math.

He’s obsessed with making phone calls on the phone, so there is some play learning included with these kits.

The practice calendar is very easy to follow and will come in handy once we get started with these.

If you’re looking for amazing tools to help you with your kindergarten at home learning or kindergarten prep, I highly recommend you check out hand 2 mind! They have so much more learning tools for ages Pre-K to 8th grade!

Thanks again to hand 2 mind for sending us some of their amazing learning tools! It’s amazing to have the opportunity to feature a brand we love!

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