Know What Your Dog Is Thinking On This Tech Tuesday!


Hey All!

Yes you read that post title correct! How is that possible you ask? Well, a small Scandinavian research lab, the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, combined the powers of different human technologies to create the No More Wood device which reads your dogs mind! They combined the latest technologies in three different tech-areas, EEG-sensoring, Micro Computing and special BCI software. During the last decade huge discoveries have been made to map out the human brain’s functions. But never before has anyone made a serious attempt to apply this groundbreaking technology on man’s best friend.

Check out this video about the technology below:

Visit the No More Woof website to listen to the voices the device will eventually come in. They sound pretty funny and I think our Mr. Pink would totally sound like the Harley voice. This is amazing technology as it could have the potential to help us communicate with our animals and give our animals a way to communicate with us. There would be no more guessing if they’re hurt or not feeling well. They could tell us exactly where it hurts if this device was perfected. Or we could have our own real life Brian from Family Guy! Who knows but it would be exciting to talk to your pets!


They are also working on an app that could send you updates at work about your dog’s mood and help you keep track of them when you’re not around.

Their Indiegogo campaign ended where you could have preordered one of these devices, But if you’re really wanting to get one and I think I am I would try to reach out to them to see if you could still score one. This is a work in progress as they stress, but I think it’s an amazing step in the right direction for this amazing technology.

Do you want to know what your pets are thinking?

Stay Tuned for more Tech Tuesday Fun Next Week!

Photos courtesy of No More Wolf.


  •" target="_blank">Tammy Litke (@threedifferent)

    That’s incredible. I bet some owners might be overly surprised to hear what “man’s best friend” is really thinking about them, LOL!

  •" target="_blank">Robin {Mom Foodie}

    My dog was pretty darn good at expressing what she wanted… I can only imagine what this would tell me though.

  •" target="_blank">Donna

    I hope our dogs are thinking how wonderful it is to live here and how much they love us. I got a feeling ours are thinking about food, playing fetch, and where can I crash for a nap or sleep. LOL!