Large Confetti & Cronut on This Donut & Confetti Monday!


Hey All!

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve finally savored the delicious goodness that is a Cronut! I had my first one last Friday and I seriously want more! It was beyond delicious. I got my cronut (which is a croissant donut in case you didn’t know) at the Ritz Carlton in Downtown LA. It had a vanilla cream filling and I honestly wish I would have bought two! I need to find more cronuts asap!


On another note, I’ve also been punching away to make this large confetti for our wedding. I think I’m getting arthritis from all the punching. I’m not going to lie and say this is fun, because after a few hundred punching is no fun!


Anyone have any suggestions to speed up the confetti punching process?

And have any of you every tried a cronut and where is the best place to get one if you’re in Los Angeles?

Stay Tuned for more Donut and Confetti fun next week!