Last Minute DIY Dunkin Donuts Munchkins Inspired Costume!


Hey All!

If you still haven’t decided what to be for Halloween next week, here is a super fun, quick and easy costume to make! I’m loving how it came out and it’s very comfortable to wear as well. It’s a Last Minute DIY Fried Egg Costume! Perfect for all my brunch queens and kings! You’ll be ready to shake it up on the dance floors of all those Halloween parties with this fun costume. Here is how you make it!

All you’ll need to make this costume is:


  • Any white dress. I used THIS ONE and if you use ASOS 2 day shipping, you’ll have it in time for Halloween if you want the same dress.
  • White shoes. I used THESE!
  • Card Board Box. A size large enough to slip over your hips and that you can move easily around in.
  • White spray paint or acrylic paint (and paint brush if you use acrylic paint).
  • White Elastic.
  • White Duck Tape.
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Spray Adhesive.
  • Hot Glue Gun.
  • Box Cutter and Scissors.
  • 3 Inch Styrofoam Balls.
  • Craft Glue
  • Fake Snow.
  • Dark Beige and Brown Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint (and paint brush if you use acrylic paint).
  • DOWNLOAD Our Free Dunkin Munchkin Inspired Printable HERE!



First you’ll Free Dunkin Munchkin Inspired Printable HERE and have it printed out in a size to match your box. I got mine done at Kinkos aka FEDEX Office for like $3 a sheet. Or if you’re making a small version, you can print it at home if you can. You then cut down the edges of the flaps of box, so it has more of triangular shape, like the munchkin box has. You’ll also cut a large hole into the bottom of the box, so you can slip in and out of the box.


You’ll then paint the box white with your spray paint or acrylic paint. Let the box dry completely. If you have a white box, you can skip this step completely. While your box is drying, cut out your printed pieces. You’ll place double sided tape to the back of all the large pieces. On the handle flaps you’ll place one long piece in the front. Once your box is dry, You then spray the box with spray adhesive and then stick on each piece to the box.


The orange Dunkin pieces go on the sides and the “Lovin Dunkin goes on the white front and back. The flaps are glued to the inner part of the front of your box. Secure the flaps with white duck tape. Measure how long you’d like your box to fall on your body and cut the white elastic down to size, so that it reaches the front and back of your box. Glue the elastic to the box with your hot glue gun and secure it with white duct tape as well. You can stop there, or you can go for the full look including munchkin donut holes on the straps.


You just paint some 3 inch Styrofoam balls in which ever brown and dark beige color you’d like. Once the balls are dry, Brush some craft glue onto some of the brown balls and sprinkle fake snow onto them. This gives each ball a unique munchkin look. Glue the ball donut holes (once they are dry) to the elastic white straps and your done! A super simple and easy Halloween costume to make to honor your favorite Donut Shop and donut hole treats! You pair it with a white dress and some white shoes and any other Dunkin Donut accessories you have.

I had this fun Dunkin Donuts hat, since I’ve gone to Dunkin since I was a kid in NYC. I have always been obsessed with Dunkin and this is just my way of sharing that love with the world! Who wouldn’t want to dance around as a box of munchkins for Halloween? I know I do!


Get yourself some Dunkin Donuts munchkins to munch on and you’re ready to party! They come in a fun “Boo” box for Halloween, so it matches perfectly! That’s the best tasty treat you can surely get for Halloween! I can eat a whole box by myself! The glazed are my favorite!!


Also another reason why I love Dunkin is they are a very charitable brand! The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation has just introduced a Newly-Rebranded Joy in Childhood Foundation During Third Annual Week of Joy. The Foundation’s Mission is to Provide the Simple Joys of Childhood to Sick and Hungry Kids With the newly-rebranded Joy in Childhood Foundation, Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins franchisees, crew members and employees are committing to improving the lives of sick and hungry children across the country by providing the simple joys of childhood to children whose lives are compromised by health and hunger issues. To celebrate the rebranding, the Joy in Childhood Foundation (formerly The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation) is teaming up with nearly 70 Feeding America® member food banks nationwide to host volunteer events to fight children’s hunger during the third annual Week of Joy (formerly the Week of Service), October 17-21.

The Foundation anticipates that over 1,500 Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins franchisees, crew members and corporate employees will volunteer upwards of 4,000 hours and provide hundreds of thousands of meals to kids and families in communities across the country.

Just wanted to share that awesome news, since I love when brands help those in need, especially during the holidays.


I hope you enjoy this Dunkin Donuts Munchkin Inspired Halloween Costume as much as I do!

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