Last Minute DIY Fried Egg Costume!


Hey All!

If you still haven’t decided what to be for Halloween next week, here is a super fun, quick and easy costume to make! I’m loving how it came out and it’s very comfortable to wear as well. It’s a Last Minute DIY Fried Egg Costume! Perfect for all my brunch queens and kings! You’ll be ready to shake it up on the dance floors of all those Halloween parties with this fun costume. Here is how you make it!

All you’ll need to make this costume is:


  • Any white dress. I used THIS ONE and if you use ASOS 2 day shipping, you’ll have it in time for Halloween if you want the same dress.
  • White shoes. I used THESE!
  • Fried Egg Earrings!
  • Card Board. A size large enough to cover the top half of your body. If you break down one of your large Amazon boxes, that would work!
  • Yellow Fabric.
  • White spray paint or acrylic paint (and paint brush if you use acrylic paint).
  • White headband.
  • Hot Glue Gun.
  • These DIY Egg Shoe Clips!
  • Pillow Stuffing.
  • White Elastic
  • Box Cutter and Scissors.


With a box cutter, you’ll first cut out your large egg shape for your body. You’ll shape it up and make it your desired egg shape using a combination of the scissors and box cutter. You’ll then cut a smaller egg shape for the head piece egg. It’s about 7 inches wide for the head piece.


You’ll spray paint both pieces white with your white spray paint or you’ll hand paint them white with your acrylic white paint. Let both pieces dry completely. The spray paint will dry with in a few hours. The acrylic paint may take a little longer.

You’ll then cut out two large 12-14 inch wide circles from your yellow fabric. You’ll glue the edges of the fabric together on one side. You’ll leave an opening, so you can fill the circle with pillow stuffing. You’ll flip the yellow fabric circle inside out, which makes like an yellow circle pillow.

You’ll stuff it with the pillow stuffing until it’s the perfect egg yolk shape. You’ll then carefully glue the circle shut. Be careful with the hot glue! Glue the egg yolk to your dried white egg piece.  Do the same process for the smaller yolk for your head piece. It will be about 3-4 inches wide.


Once you’re yolk pieces are all glued on, you’ll glue the head piece fried egg to your white headband and let it dry.


You’ll then measure out the white elastic, so you can see exactly how low you’d like the large fired egg to hang from your neck. You cut your desired length and glue the elastic to which ever side you would like the top of your fried egg to be.



Once that’s dry, you can also secure it further with some Duck Tape, but it’s not necessary.


Get dressed in your favorite fried egg or brunch accessories to match your costume and have a blast!



You’ll surely be a brunch queen for Halloween with this fun costume! You can even play peek-a-boo fried egg!


I love to get down in it as it’s very easy to wear and it doesn’t weigh either.


You can have a blast being the coolest dancing fried egg around. You all know I love to dance in it if you saw my Instagram video! Here it is below if you missed it!

A video posted by Vanessa Diaz (@briteandbubbly) on

Too funny I know!


I hope you love this costume as much as I do!


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