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I consider myself a Latina business woman as I’m running my own business and brand with this site. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing and that I’m very proud to be doing. There are so many Latina and Latino students in high school and in college at the moment who will be business professionals themselves one day. I recently learned about the fabulous USHYEE organization. It’s a nonprofit organization that focuses on the subjects of science, technology, engineering and math, and prepares Hispanic teens who don’t have easy access to resources and information. Through workshops, programs, orientations and the latest technology, a path to a better professional future is created and encourages these teens to create their own companies.


It’s so great to have an organization like this for our Hispanic youth. USHYEE is confident in the potential of these teens, the next generation of our nation’s leaders. They also believe it is necessary to motivate them, so that they never abandon their studies. Backed by Verizon, USHYEE does its best to make sure that, with education, the American dream can be reached by everyone. Their faith in the brighter future of incoming generations is a source of inspiration and embodies the spirit of #CreaFuturo.

Check out this video below about the program:



When I see this video I think about my own family and the future kids we’d like to extend our family with. It makes me hopeful for the future and that they will have a bright future. It’s great to know that they have amazing companies like Verizon who support fantastic companies like USHYEE that is helping so many.

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Learn more about the Verizon Somos FiOS #CreaFuturo Program here and be sure to learn more about all the amazing services Verizon has to offer here.

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