Learning at FiOS Speeds!


Hey All!

Have you heard? Back to school time is almost here! I know it’s only July, but it doesn’t hurt to get ready for it. Verizon Somos FiOS debuted their Back to School 2014 campaign today called Aprende a Velocidad FiOS (Learning at FiOS Speeds). They are showcasing these short, kid-friendly, educational, fun and shareable videos throughout the coming weeks. Topics range throughout various school subjects. They also have a Facebook tab dedicated to these videos and more info about FiOS for families getting ready for back to school. You can now upload and download at the same speed on Verizon FiOS! With the blazing-fast speeds of FiOS, mastering any subject is not only easy, it’s quick, fun and seamless.

Check out one of these adorable short videos below:

How cute is that video about how to learn Pi? It’s too cute. These videos are adorable and I can’t wait to watch them all. FiOS gives you the tools; you give it the brainpower. Check out the videos below and start learning at FIOS speed! Faster Downloads and Streaming with speeds starting at 50/50 Mbps, a FiOS QuantumSM connection means faster downloads of videos tutorials, movies, TV and more. The more Internet devices you use at one time, the greater the drain on your connection. FiOS Quantum’s 100% Fiber-Optic Network gives you the extra bandwidth you need to stay fast.

FiOS Quantum significantly shaves your uploading time of pics and videos with its powerful speeds. Post to your heart’s content! Verizon FiOS believes your uploading experience should be just as fast as your downloading experience. So now, sharing pictures, songs, videos, and even turning in your homework just got faster.

For more on Verizon FiOS check out their Somos FiOS Facebook and Twitter pages and visit their website here.

How fast are you and your kids learning on your current internet connection?

This is part of sponsored campaign as part of an Ambassador program for Verizon FiOS. All opinions are my own.