Leche Makes Bed Time A Little Easier! #Positivismo

Hey All!

I’m sure all you moms can relate to dreading bed time for your kids. I know I sometimes had to chase mine down and force them into bed sometimes. They’d like to play all night long if you let them! Bed time can be the toughest part of the day for some parents.

I know it was for me! I would chase them around the house for hours some nights or try to play with them until they were worn out, but in the process I would wear myself out and they would keep on going. I used to do this often until I learned a little simple trick that I wish I would have discovered sooner than later. I learned that giving the kids a glass of warm Milk before bed would calm them down quickly and they would fall asleep so much quicker. Warm Milk was my magic sleepy time potion! We now call it sleepy juice time when we have warm Milk before bed. Yes, I know it’s not juice, but that’s what the kids like to call it. I have a little helper called El Maestro Del Vaso LLeno who helped me discover the goodness of sleepy time.


Check out this video below of the “Ya es hora de ir a la cama” (“It’s Time To Go To Bed”) campaign that will be airing every night between 7-9 pm (PT) on Telemundo and Univision as a reminder to parents and their children that it’s sleepy time and time to go to bed!

Who doesn’t need a reminder every so often and these tv spots are super helpful, So tune in!

And who knew that drinking milk before going to bed may help you sleep better? I didn’t! Sending your kids to bed early with a glass of milk may help them to be more awake and alert the following morning. With kids’ back in school, getting a good night’s sleep is important for everyone in the family – mom and dad included!

It’s not just helpful for kids folks!  I know that when I have to get up early for work, an event, or to take the kids to school, I now partake in the kids night time warm Milk drinking session so that I can sleep better as well!

For more information on the benefits of milk on sleep and your health visit www.tomaleche.com and www.ElMaestrodelVasoMedioLleno.com  or   www.otroscuentos.com.



Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.