Let Embassy Suites ‘More-imize’ Your Summer Vacation & A Great Contest! #Family #Vacation

Hey All!

With a move, a trip to Comic Con 12 to be planned, and constant summer vacation travel…This Summer is a very busy time for me and my family to say the least. I’ve been insanely busy trying to get us moved into our new home as well as plan our annual family trip to San Diego Comic Con. I was so excited to be selected as an Embassy Suites Ambassador by the fabulous Mom Central team since I can’t tell you how much we love Embassy Suites! They are the perfect place to just get away for the weekend if you want some alone mommy time or to have any family trips it’s definitely always our choice of place to stay since the rooms are so large and their are so many great amenities!

We always have an amazing time staying at Embassy Suites hotels!

Embassy Suites was recently voted one of the 10 best hotel chains for families in 2012. How cool is that? They also offer amazing 2 room suites that can accommodate families perfectly, one of the best free cooked to order breakfasts I’ve ever tasted, and a nightly Manager’s Reception which is a great event for guests in which they serve free appetizers and beverages. You can save so much money with great amenities like this especially when you have a family and lots of little mouths to feed!

Also a study by Embassy Suite’s Parent’s magazine readers shows the following:

  • 56 Percent of Families are Vacation Dabblers who take a few days here and there throughout the year.
  • More the one-quarter are Vacation Extenders who take an extra day or two on a holiday they already get off from work or school.
  • Just 13 Percent are Vacation Maximizers which are families that save up for long vacations.
  • And just 4 percent are Vacation Accumulators who save up all their time off and only use it when they are about to lose their time off if they don’t use it by their jobs time period.

I would say we’re a good mix of Vacation Maximizers and Vacation Dabblers. We like to take smaller vacations and also like to plan for our big vacations and save!

What kind of vacation Family do you have?

Regardless of the kind you have, Embassy Suites is going to help families ‘more-imize’ their vacation time with the “Get More Vacation” contest on their Facebook Page.  Between now and July 20th, fans can upload a picture of their family vacation that shows off their vacation face!

Capture that look of pure joy and happiness when that much needed perfect vacation is finally booked!  Add a caption to your picture explaining how you’re  going to get the most out of your summer vacation before, during, and after the actual trip and you can be entered for a chance to win one of  five week-­‐long vacations at any of the 200+ Embassy Suites Hotels across the Americas plus $10,000 in spending cash.

So be sure to run and follow the Embassy Suites Facebook Page and enter their amaing “366 Days of More” Sweepstakes!

To make your summers even better Embassy Suites has also partnered with Dr. Susan Biali who wrote the book “Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You.”  The goal is to help families get more out of their summer vacations with a few helpful tips. These tips will help you ‘more-imize’ your summer vacation!

Check out some of Her tips below:

  • Make sure to Plan trips in advance to avoid stress, which will allow you to truly enjoy your vacation.
  • Travel the night before your vacation so that you can wake up fresh and start enjoying your time bright and early the first day of your vacation!
  • Make sure you’re stretching your budget dollars by staying in a hotel like Embassy Suites that provides amenities like meals included that will save you a lot of money. The less you have to spend on food the better.
  • Make your vacation your vacation pay for itself by using a travel rewards program with a hotel or airline to help you rack up points that can be used for future vacations!
  • Hold onto that  post-­vacation rejuvenation feeling after your vacation is over by putting together a scrapbook to help remind you of your fun vacation memories!

I recently took a weekend getaway at an Embassy Suites here in Glendale California that I can’t wait to tell you all about and we’re also staying Embassy Suites for Comic Con in San Diego! We can’t wait! It’s sure to be a fabulous time since the San Diego hotel is beyond amazing.

Again ENTER the Embassy Suites contest on Facebook and if you would like more information about Embassy Suites you can follow them on Twitter too!

Stay tuned for my review of my recent stay and hope you get the chance to have a great summer with Embassy Suites as well!

Disclaimer:  I wrote this post while participating in an Ambassador Program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Embassy Suites Hotels and received a one-night complimentary stay at an Embassy Suites Hotel to facilitate my future review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. All opinions are my own.