Life Lessons To Keep Good Going! #KeepGoodGoing

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Hey All!

Have you seen the “My Uncle’s Gift” video which tells the story of how a young boy's dream to be a filmmaker was inspired by a gift from his uncle. Check it out below if you haven't seen it:

This video was so inpiring to me as it reminded me of my grandmother. She helped raise me and gave me words of wisdom that had a lasting impact on me. She would always tell me to take the road that's hard, as nothing easy is ever that great. With hard work and perseverance you can achieve anything you ever want in life. She was right as it's lead me to the ever so blessed life I have today. I'm forever grateful to have had a woman in my life to inspire me to go after my dreams, much how the boy is inspired by the gift from his uncle.

The gems of inspirational words and advice were my grandmothers gifts to me. It allows me to keep our family's cycle of good going. The more positive and encouraging we are with eachother the more we can achieve. I pass down the things my grandmother taught me to my own family and it keeps it all going. I hope my kids will pass on the words of wisdom I learned to their children. It's great to use your life lessons to keep good going with your family.

The Keep Good Going Life Lessons are welcome nuggets of wisdom and insight that are derived from life experiences. They are often simple, but always profound because they touch on the truths that hold life together. They are personal (not social or community) good, about you and those close to you.

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