Little Pim Learning Tools For Your Kids!

I solely received these products to review and feature. All opinions are my own.

Hey All!

Have you heard of Little Pim?  It’s a great product that teaches VERY young children a new language—starting at 6 months! Their brain is wired for picking up new languages easily up until 6 years of age and Little Pim reaches out to them in a fun and entertaining way!

Little Pim, the award-winning foreign language-learning program for young children, has introduced a special-edition product line now available exclusively at select Toys“R”Us® stores nationwide. The new Spanish, Chinese, and English “Discovery Sets” each include three DVDs and a Little Pim plush panda toy, which are sure to make learning a new language fun and easy for kids everywhere.


Between birth and the age of six, the human brain is pre-wired for language learning, and Little Pim helps families take advantage of this brief window, by making language learning easy, fun and effective. Their unique Entertainment Immersion Method® provides total immersion in the language. The method engages a child’s love of play watching real kids and animation. Little Pim’s proven repetition technique helps children retain new vocabulary.  The program is the brainchild of Julia Pimsleur Levine, the daughter of Dr. Paul Pimsleur, creator of the Pimsleur Method, the popular language-learning program for adults.  She was inspired to create Little Pim based on her own bilingual childhood.

Being that I want our kids to know how to speak multiple languages, this is a perfect learning tool for them to be able to do this. We’ve been using this set and love the way it helps our children learn.

Little Pim is available in 11 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian  on videos, music, books, flash cards, gift sets and more. The Little Pim special edition Discovery Sets retail for $39.95 exclusively at select Toys“R”Us® nationwide and at It’s again for Ages 6 months-6 years and costs about $39.95.

If you feel bilingual is better for your kids like we do then these are the tools for your kids.