Looking Back at 2013 and What’s In Store For 2014!


Hey All!

As I look back and reflect on the amazing year that was 2013 for this blog, there were a few things I noticed you gals and guys love. And that’s the craft and recipe posts.

My Most Popular posts of 2013 were:

1. DIY Instagram Photo Tray– You all love the way I used my StickyGram magnets to make this tray. It was so amazing to work with StickyGram on this.

2.Garlic Spice Steak Recipe  You all couldn’t get enough of my Garlic Spice recipe. It’s still being pinned daily on Pinterest. Apparently Garlic is the way to your heart. More Garlic to come in 2014!

3.Halloween Chocolate Marshmallow Peanut BarkYou all love how easy and tasty this fun Halloween treat was.

4.DIY Duct Tape Ornament– You all loved how easy it was to make a fun holiday decoration with your family with the help of some Duct Tape!

5.Halloween Vampire Popcorn Balls Recipe– You all loved how easy it was to make this fun and delicious Jolly Time Popcorn treat. Not to mention it was low calorie as well.

6. Snowman Mustache CupcakesAnd last but not least you all can’t get enough of Mustaches and Snowmen. Who doesn’t love a good mustache snowman!

An Honorable mention must go to my Samsung Experience post as you all seem to love technology as much as I do. It came in 7th!

As 2014 is rolling on I wanted to make an announcement of what’s to come. It’s going to be an exciting yet scary year. I’ve quit my part time day job to focus 100% on bringing you the best possible content to enjoy. That was a big step for me and it was a lot of going back and forth as to whether or not I should do it as it’s very scary to be with out a corporate job now-a-days. Thanks to this blog I am able to support myself and my family and I can supplement the small income I was bringing in the 3-4 days I was working. And thanks to Covered California I can not have to rely on a job to get my family health coverage.

It’s still nerve wracking as I’m essentially my own little boss who is responsible for getting work now. My thoughts that I’m focusing on to ease the stress are “The better my content is the more opportunities I will get.” So that’s my focus for 2014- To bring you bigger and better content.

I’ll be doing this by making sure to share craft, recipe, and fun posts you enjoy weekly. Sometimes there will even be multiple craft and recipes posts for you to enjoy. I’ll also be adding some weekly series posts that I hope you will enjoy.


Mondays will be a Donut and Confetti Mondays. It’s a series of posts chronicling my love of Dunuts and Confetti. I mean everyone needs to start the week with some Donuts and Confetti right? It can’t help but make you feel good and smile. It will be fun crafts, recipes, beauty, and anything else about Donuts and Confetti.


Tuesdays will be Tech Tuesdays! Since I love technology. I will share my latest finds and products that I love with you.


Wednesdays will Be Wedding Wednesdays! As you all know I’m getting Married in May and we’re having a Muppet and Star Wars Themed wedding since we’re big nerds. I’ll be sharing all the fun planning, ideas, and themes we’ll be using for our wedding. It’s going to be at Jim Henson Studios (The Original home of the Muppets) so you can imagine it’s going to be a Rainbow spectacle of fun!


And we’ll end the week wit a Fab Friday Post. It will be just a showcase of everything fabulous I’ve found during the week that I love and own or will buy cause they are just to fabulous to pass up.

Each series post will be labeled with the banners you see above for each themed series. That’s how you know that post will be part of the series as it will be marked with that banner.

I hope you enjoy all the fun and new content coming to The Queen of Swag in 2014.


P.S. The Queen of Swag may be Re-branding in 2014 as well. I’m still deciding if I’m going to do it this year or next year. It’s still going to be the same fabulous blog you’ve come to love. It will just have a new name that matches the content better.

 Stay tuned for that!