I Made It Through The Flu + Happy Friday Finds!


Hey All!

Thanks so much for all your patience and support as I battled through the FLU this week. It’s been insane and rough because of the amount of work I have to catch up on now. I went on two back to back trips and had to deal with a highly stressful situation business wise in the middle of it, which I believe caused my body to shut down and finally get sick. I had been battling not getting sick because I knew I had so much travel to do this month and I sadly lost the battle. I literally have been in bed for days. I couldn’t even walk for like 3 of the days. I was in and out of consciousness and it was scary. Thankfully, I’ve almost kicked it completely and I should be back to normal I think by Sunday. Fingers crossed! My body is just week and I still am coughing some. I may still head to the doctor next week regardless just to be safe. Either way, I’m out of bed and getting back to work for as long as I have the energy to work. I’m not at a hundred percent yet, but I’m quickly getting there and I know it’s because of the good vibes you are all sending my way. THANK YOU. 😘

But, I have some big announcements to make today as well!

1. Those little tasty treats you see above are made of icing and are edible. I’m going to use them as sprinkles and decorations for a very yummy treat DIY soon!

yes lawd

2. After dealing with the flu and I truly realized I can’t do it all. I was trying to wait until I had an outside studio space before I started hiring but, not being able to respond to emails and finish projects and getting insanely behind solidified I need help asap!  I’m going to be creating jobs page and posting the jobs we’re hiring for there. We will definitely be hiring soon for a part time (to grow into full time) Operations Manager who will act as an assistant/right hand gal or guy who will keep this Brite and Bubbly float running if I go down for the count and a creative production assistant who has Food or craft styling experience and who can assist with DIY and Food related content posts. I will have more detailed job descriptions and positions we’re seeking soon. I’m seriously over the moon about getting some help and finally growing our B&B team. But I’m going to make sure I take my time in finding the right person for the job. I don’t want to rush and regret it.


3. I am beyond thrilled to now be a part of rewardStyle! It’s an amazing network to be a part of and it’s honestly a honor to be invited and selected to be a part of it. Thanks to them I’ll be creating a “SHOP” tab on my home page so you can shop all the fabulous pool floaties, outfits, crafts, and more that I showcase here on the blog and on Instagram. It will be so much easier as you won’t have to search for those products any more. You can either click the links in the post, find the product in my shop tab, or if you’re following me on Instagram you’ll see on some of the images something that says shop with @liketoknow.it and a link that looks like this 👉 www.liketk.it/something with this hashtag #liketkit. That link will take you to everything you may want to buy from that pic on Instagram. It’s going to be awesome folks and it’s going to be yet another easy way to connect you to some awesome new products and brands that I love.

4. I was supposed to be at SNAP Conference this week, but due to the flu had to cancel my trip that I had been planning for a year. I literally had my flight, hotel, super shuttle, clothes packed, and everything ready to go. It’s beyond the point of disappointing since I see everyone is there having the best time ever. Hopefully it will be amazing next year as well. Sigh.

That’s about it with the announcements and here are my favorite finds from around the net.

With all those April Showers I need these hot pink boots!

I have been dying for this jumpsuit for forever and it’s finally back in stock on ASOS! Get it while you can!

I love this! Yay Lunch carton! It’s so cute!

I just got this pastel blue dress and I’m obsessed with it!

These Mother’s Day Cards are on point! Congrats Sugar & Cloth!

This gift box garland is amazing!

Giant Pasta on a wall for a party! LOVE IT!

How cool is this Water Color Square Backdrop!

Have you got your tickets to see the Jungle Book yet this weekend? You should and here is why!

And that’s all folks!

Thanks so much for the support again and see you back to normal next week!