Make Your Holiday Sweaters With Mr. Micknit!



Hey All!

Have you heard of Michael Simon Designs in NYC? Michael Simon is the original conversational sweater designer since the 1980’s and a member of the CFDA. He has sold in numerous stores such as Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. This holiday season they are launching his latest product and it’s call Mr. Micknit kits! They are a fabulous DIY holiday patch kit that I think would make a great gift idea this holiday season. It allows you to make fun Christmas sweaters or decorate anything you would like. It’s great for mothers to do with their young children! Who wouldn’t like to get crafty with their kids Christmas morning when you open up this amazing kit as a gift. I know I would love it!


This is the ultimate DIY STICK-ON HOLIDAY PATCH KIT. Mr. Micknit helps you stick, stitch and sew your ideas into reality with the DIY stick-on holiday patch kit. From the sublime to the ridiculous, you can now let your creative dreams come true.

Each kit comes with:

  • 3 Embellished Patches
  •  Jingle bells, pom poms, ribbons,sequins, thread, beads and buttons

I received the Mr. Micknit Christmas 2014 Gingerbread Tree Snowflake DIY Kit and I loved this kit as soon as I saw it. Being the craft loving born and raised New Yorker that I am, I knew I had to feature these amazing kits in my holiday gift guide. I’ve got to support my fellow New Yorkers, especially the legendary ones who’ve been around since the 80’s. These kits would make a great holiday gift as they are perfect for those crafters and makers who would love to make their own and their kids holiday sweaters this holiday season.

I had my holiday sweater ready, but this kit brought it to another level as I definitely needed to add a tree to the back of it and a gingerbread man.


The crafty folks at Mr. Micknit also were kind enough to send me this adorable crochet cake ornament for the tasty treats tree. So sweet of them!


I highly recommend you check out Mr. Micknit if you’re still looking for a fun and unique gift idea for the holidays!


Check out and purchase all their amazing kits at!



I solely received this product to feature in the holiday gift guide. All opinions are my own.