Make Yourself A LEGO Minifigure Family Holiday Photo!

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Hey All!

I’m sure most of you have loved LEGO’s at one point in your life or have kids who love LEGO. You can build anything with LEGO – even your own family! This holiday season, LEGO has created an online experience called LEGO Minifigure Family, which enables you to create your own custom LEGO Minifigure holiday card.

Each member of your Minifig’ family can be customized to match skin tone, facial expressions, outfits and more. You can even set the scene! Once you’ve got your family Minifig-ed, you can share the holiday card with your friends and family via your social channels.

It’s super easy to do and the site is super easy to use. You simply add each member of your family one at time by adding a custom LEGO Figure that looks like yourself and your family. You can change the hair, facial expression and clothing for each figure. You can then name each figure so you know which figure represents each family member. It’s adorable as you can even add babies and pets to the family photo. When you choose a baby it puts a little LEGO baby carriage in the photo and you simply select which color you’d like it to be. Pink for a girl and blue for a boy. It also allows you to pick what kind and color pet you have, whether it’s a dog or cat.

Once you have all the figures designed how you’d like them you set the scene and arrange the position of each family member.

Once you’re done with your scene, that’s it! You’re done and you can share or download your LEGO Minifigure Family Holiday Photo! You can share by twitter, facebook, or pinterest.

It’s such a cute idea and it would even make a great Holiday Card Photo.

Have Fun Making Your Family into a LEGO family for the holidays!


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