Marvel’s Loki On Disney Plus Is A Game Changer!

Loki Poster

Hey All!

Of all the shows that were announced from Marvel for Disney Plus, I knew that Loki was the one that I would love. I was shocked how much I have loved WandaVision and enjoyed Falcon and Winter Soldier, but it was no surprise how awesome Loki is thus far. I was fortunate enough to have recently seen the first two episodes of Loki and they are sooooooo good. Two words! Miss Minutes! I’m obsessed with her!

Loki Episode screen shot

For fans of the MCU, this series literally begins with that moment in Avengers Endgame where Loki steals the tesseract and vanishes. If that is at all confusing, or if a viewer has never seen a film in the MCU, there is a scene which creatively gives all of the backstory needed for the show.

You can always tell the level of creativity in a spinoff show by how they set up the story and tell the backstory. There is a highlight reel (they actually refer to it in the scene as “Loki’s Greatest Hits”) where all they do is watch scenes from previous films and Loki reacts both whimsically and dramatically. On paper it sounds like filler, but it works so well. It is the perfect way to dump exposition in a new and imaginative way. It is also an amazing scene which showcases Tom Hiddleston’s acting chops by being able to convey EVERYTHING he is feeling with just his face.

The leads for the series, so far, are of course Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as Loki and Owen Wilson (Zoolander) as Agent Mobius. When I say these are the leads so far, it is because the series seems to have a big bad and the reveal at the end of the episode one makes you want episode two immediately. And then there is a reveal at the end of episode two which makes you want episode three immediately. And now I have to wait!!!!!! But the show is not just about cliffhangers. This is very much looks like it is going to be a journey for Loki which will show him facing his past, future, and self in quite possibly the strangest way possible: time travel and alternate realities!

Another thing that needs to be praised is the music. Composer Natalie Hoult (HerselfKnightfall) is someone I have never heard before, but the score she provides has a very Game of Thrones mixed with Doctor Who vibe and really helps to set the tone for the epic and weird things that are happening.

A lot of imagination, and money, has gone into crafting Loki, and it hits on every level. The effects are big budget film level, the action is engaging, the acting is both powerful (Hiddleston breaks my heart in a scene in the first episode) and tonally perfect (Owen Wilson is perfect as a nonchalant interdimensional/interspacial detective).  It still feels like Marvel while also being something different; the closest thing I can relate the tone of the film to is Thor Ragnarok. So if you loved Thor Ragnarok and really dug the weirdness from WandaVision, I am confident that Loki is going to be right up your alley. We now have something to look forward to every week for the next six weeks: Loki!

Check out this clip from the show below:

Be sure to tune into Loki on Disney Plus tomorrow! I can’t wait to see Miss Minutes again!