Marvel’s The Avengers! Great Superhero Movies are Back! #theavengersevent #avengers

Hey All!

It’s finally upon us! My 4th will bring us the best superhero movie to grace the big screen since the unforgettable Christopher Reeves donned the red cape in Superman. I’m not kidding folks this film is that good. I know there was a lot of hype and pressure for this film to be good and I’m happy to report that Joss Whedon and this amazing cast deliver! I got the amazing opportunity to see an advanced screening of this film at the Closing Ceremony of The Tribeca Film Festival and it was the perfect way to see it! NYC is the birthplace of so many superheroes, so it was the perfect place to see the film!

Before the lights went down and the movie began to roll, I will admit I was giddy like a school girl and sad at the same time since I knew my family would have killed to be there with me and I wish they were since we’ve all been waiting to see this film since it was announced at comic con some time ago. We’re geeks and this is the ultimate geek fantasy come to life on the big screen. I was consoled by the thoughts of we do have tickets for the movie marathon that leads to the midnight screening of the film tomorrow and tickets to see it again this weekend. Yes folks we’re seeing it three times! We’re determined to help in some small way to make this the biggest superhero movie of all time! We may see it again next week! I digress…

This film is everything you want the Avengers to be! It has Joss Whedon’s amazing humor and it truly captures the personalities of the Avengers that we’ve come to love in the comics. I know what you’re all dying to know, the number one question I’ve been asked since everyone knew I saw the film, is how was the Hulk? I’m happy to say that the Hulk kind of steals the show and it’s the best depiction of the Hulk to ever be on screen. They finally got the Hulk Right! The way they animated him and the way Hulk acts in this film is spot on. Don’t get me wrong I really loved the last Hulk Movie and Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, but something was missing in that film, and I now know it was the humor of the Hulk. This movie captures the humor of the Hulk and his great one liners he used to have in the comics. Like “HULK SMASH” and in this film Smash he does!

It’s no secret I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan, as in I wanted to be Buffy the Vampire slayer in High School, so when I found out he would be making this film, I knew that it would probably be one of the best movies ever made. Joss is someone who writes his own comics and understands this world. I knew he could get this right. I don’t honestly think anyone but Joss Whedon could have made this film. I remember it was like the geek heavens sang when they announced Joss Whedon was directing this film. I digress again…

This film has everything you could want in an Avengers movie. It has action, it has comedy, it has drama, and most of all it has heart. When I say it has comedy you will find yourself laughing out loud in a good way I promise you for a lot of the movie. There are some incredibly funny scenes like when the Hulk meets Loki. Spoiler alert! You will want to listen out for the Line “Puny God!” It’s by far my favorite line of the movie and one of my favorite scenes, but since it gets a lot of laughs you can possibly miss that line when Hulk Says it. This movie is so good you won’t want to blink or you might miss something. I honestly don’t think I blinked once as I was watching this film since I was so engrossed in the film and I knew I needed to report back to you all and my family every detail on the film.

The story that brings all the Avengers together is very strong and I almost cried as to what unites the Avengers.  It has a strong focus on the importance of putting aside your differences and working as a team. The team is essentially used as a metaphor for family, so it truly is a great family film as it will show kids the importance of uniting as a family and how strong the bonds of family can be if you work together. A family of superheroes is one crazy family unit, but in all honesty it really does touch upon that no family is ever perfect and it’s how you treat and value your family is all that really matters.

You honestly don’t have to be a geek or have a geeky family to see this film. It has something for everyone especially families. It’s got Robert Downey in his hilariously cocky Tony Stark self come to life, it has Chris Helmsworth looking even more incredible than ever as Thor, Chris Evans capturing the spirit of Captain America and looking pretty hot too, the gorgeous Scarlet Johansson  as the perfect spy Black Widow, Mother effin Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and so much more! How could you not want to see this movie!

It truly is an event of a film you won’t want to miss! Assemble your family, friends, and geeks unite as this is the best movie you will see all summer! And you will want to stick around to after the credits as there is a special surprise you won’t want to miss. I will say in order to get some of the surprise you will have to have read some comics to know who appears, but if you have read the comics you’re in store for an awesome treat!

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I received an all expense paid trip as a guest of Disney/Marvel for The Avengers. All opinions are my own.