Mattel & Disney’s Cars Lightning McQueen Alive! Amazing Gift for the Holidays!


Hey All!

Are you looking for a last minute amazing toy for your kids this Holiday Season? Well Disney/Mattel’s Lightning McQueen Alive may just be what you’re looking for! This toy is adorable and amazing! This is no ordinary toy folks, this toy is alive! Well it’s not really alive but it sure acts like it is. It comes in this sleek and unique box.

This box slides out to reveal a pit stop fuel Allinol tank for Lightning McQueen which also acts as his charger.

Lightening McQueen is on the top of the box! It’s very cool packaging that’s for sure.

Once you get the packaging off, you unscrew the base of the Allinol tank fuel charger and put in 6 AA batteries.

You let him charge for a little bit and he’s ready to go!

Isn’t he adorable! He sits on top of this platform and the lights on the Allinol tank tell you when the car is fully charged.

Pictures can’t really show how awesome this toy is so I made a little video so you can see what this car can do!  Check out the video below!

Isn’t that cool. I love his phrases and the way his mouth moves. It’s truly amazing how realistic this Lightening McQueen is! My family is going to love playing with this Christmas morning. If you’d like to get one as well, you can find the Lightning McQueen Alive HERE!

I highly recommend it as it would make a great gift for kids or adults! Mattel always makes some of the best toys for the Holidays!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I received the Lightning McQueen Alive from Mattel for review and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***