Mickey’s Halloween Party! 5 Reasons Why You Have To Go! #Disneyland #HalloweenGuide #Feature

Hey All!

So we recently had the amazing opportunity to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party once again and I have to say we loved it so much we’re going again on the 19th!! We’ve gone every year since we moved here and each year just get’s better and better. Only some of us dressed up as we spent the entire day from about 8am-11pm at Disneyland and at California Adventures waiting for Mickey’s Halloween Party! I did make sure that we changed into out Halloween tees and pumpkin Mickey Ears at least!

One of my little bubbies dressed up like Tigger!

He was shaking his tail down Main street as he loved the Halloween Music being played over the speakers.

As the lights went dark the Disneyland park turned into a fabulous spooktacular place with Mickey’s Halloween Party!

It was a Magical Halloween event as only Disney can do. We got our Ghost Mickey Lanterns and trick-or-treated through Disneyland!

And these are my 5 Reasons why I think you should go to Mickey’s Halloween Party if you’re in the LA Area!

1. You have to see the amazing parade Mickey’s Costume Party Parade! You can only see this awesome parade during Mickey’s Halloween Party. You can check it out twice during the Party and you can check your maps and event guide that they give you when you enter the park so you know when to line up!

2. You have to see the Halloween Screams Fireworks show! It lights up the night sky and is a site to see as you can see in the pics above. You can only see it during Mickey’s Halloween Party!

3. You can shake your groove thing with your favorite Disney Characters dressed in their Halloween Costumes at Piratepalooza located at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante. We danced with Pluto and Chip and Dale when we were there!

4.You want to visit the Treat Trails! The Treat trails are where you pick up your candy, dried apples, cranberries, apple slices, or carrots as you trick-or-treat through out the park. Yes you can ask them for the healthy snacks only at each station you stop at. You can come out of the park with BAGS and BAGS of candy and snacks that will last you for months. You have to bring your own trick-or-treat bags with you if you want to load up as the bags they give you are very small when you enter the park. So plan ahead and bring your own bags!

5.You get to see the park decorated  in a fun and spooktacular way! You don’t want to miss seeing the beauty of the park during Halloween! It’s a fabulous way to spend the day with your family and a great safe way to take your kids trick-or-treating!

The Haunted mansion looks spectacular in it’s Nightmare Before Christmas decorations. Here is what it looks like during the day and at Night!

The park is filled with lots of Ghosts Mickey’s and spooky characters too!

Luckily we found some Ghostbusters to keep the spooks away as we enjoyed the park. Because who are you going to call? Ghostbusters!

I highly recommend you run and get your tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party! You won’t want to miss it!