Milk-Bone® Dog Treats Holiday Shop! #CBias #iLoveMyK9

Hey All!

You by now have read about my two beautiful dog babies named Mr. Pink and Chico at some point on my blog. Both were adopted from our local rescue organization and shelter. We got Mr. Pink First from a rescue called dogs with out borders who got him from our shelter before he was put down.

He was picked up in downtown LA and was taken to the shelter twice! YES Twice by who ever had him. He was dumped on the street first and then at the shelter for the second time. But the second time they dumped him with his back leg broken and it had never healed correctly since no one ever took him to the vet. I can’t imagine what kind of pain the poor thing was in at that time. He’s had a hard life but he’s a spoiled baby with me.

Chico we got at our local shelter since he’s a pitbull, he was 1 years old when we got him and he’s a bigger baby than Mr. Pink. He doesn’t like being along and just wants to give kisses all day long and play with his toys. Pitbulls have such a bad rap and I hate that people are so frightened of him when we walk him. Chico is the sweetest dog, almost like scooby do in my opinion.

I wanted to do something to say thank you to shelter that found and rescued these two babies for me. I love this shelter because they aren’t quick to put down the animals. They call animal rescue organizations and have adoption fairs to try to get the dogs adopted or out of the shelter before they put any animals to sleep. They do their best with what little funds they have and I wanted to show my support by making them a little basket of dog treats to say thank you for giving me my two animal babies.

I headed to Walmart after work to shop for stuff for my basket.

I see there is a Christmas Clearance section that might help in getting me something I need to make this basket.

I find a great basket I can use and some wrapping paper and tissue paper I can use.

I head to the Pet Section and get some treats like some Milk-Bone®! My dog love Milk-Bone®! I have to shop for them at least twice month since they both eat different sized treats and different amounts.

I also get some Pup-Peroni® and Milo’s Kitchen® dog treats!

I get some squeak toys and rope toys for the basket as well.

I get everything I need for the basket and also get a few things like ground beef that we needed for the house.

I got everything I needed and checked out! I got home with all my bags and started to unload.

You can see ALL the Pictures of my entire Shopping Experience in the Google Plus Slide Show I made HERE!

I can’t wait to get started on my basket! Stay tuned for my follow up post for the final pics of my basket and when I give it away to my local shelter! It’s going to be a blast to make and give away!

***Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for CollectiveBias. All Opinions are my own. #CBias***


  •" target="_blank">Rita Spratlen

    I love it that you are so sweet with these dogs. I have 3 of them. 2 bichons and a golden lab retriever who is blind from a hereditary condition. My bichons have had all 4 back legs operated on. I just love what you did. So sweet!!! Rita

  • " target="_blank">thequeenofswag

    Thanks Rita! And you’re doggies sound cute!

  • Great score on the Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky! Our boy loved the Beef Sausage!
    I really appreciate your giving heart – thank you for sharing your trip!