Mini Ice-Cream Pumpkin Pie For Thanksgiving!

DIY ice cream pumpkin pies

Hey All!

I have a confession to make. I don’t like pumpkin pie. There I admit it and I’m at peace with sharing this. I know everyone raves about it, but it’s not for me. Oddly enough, even though I don’t like pumpkin pie, I do like pumpkin spice flavored donuts, cookies, lattes, and ice cream. It’s bizarre I know. Why would I like all that and not the pie? I don’t know what it is, it’s just my thing. Since I love the ice cream so much this time of year, I decided to do an alternative pumpkin pie for the family this Thanksgiving. I made these mini ice cream pumpkin pies! They are the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving and it still allows my family to enjoy some pumpkin pie. It also allows me to enjoy the pie with them. It’s like a mini ice cream cake, but it’s a pie!

DIY mini ice cream pumpkin-pie-1


  • 1-2 Tubs of Pumpkin Pie Ice-Cream
  • Ice-Cream Scoop
  • Mini Graham Cracker Crusts. You can get them HERE!
  • Spoon


First you determine how many mini ice cream cakes you’re going to make. I made 6 of my mini pumpkin pies. You can make as many as you need to for your guests for Thanksgiving.

DIY mini ice cream pumpkin-pie-3

First you let your pumpkin pie ice-cream melt a little so it’s easy to flatten into your pie crust.

DIY mini ice cream pumpkin-pie-2

You then start scooping your pumpkin ice-cream into your mini pie rusts. Each pie takes about a scoop and a half of ice-cream. You then smooth out the ice cream into the pie, so it looks like a regular pumpkin pie.

DIY-MINI ice cream pumpkin pies

You lastly add some sprinkles or some dollop of whipped cream to your mini pies. You place them into your freezer until you are ready to serve. It’s the easiest pie you will ever make!

DIY MINI ice cream pumpkin pie whippedHow cute is that mini pie folks? Doesn’t it look like a traditional pumpkin pie? Winning!

DIY MINI ice cream pumpkin pie sprinkles

The sprinkles make it all the more fun!

DIY MINI ice cream pumpkin pie pair

Having a variety of both will surely be a delight for your guests this Thanksgiving!

DIY mini ice-cream pumpkin-pie

DIY MINI ice cream pumpkin pie

I don’t like pumpkin pie, but I do love these little mini pumpkin pie ice-cream pies!

DIY MINI ice cream pumpkin pieSWho wouldn’t love being served this mini ice-cream pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? I know I would!

DIY-large ice cream pumpkin pie

If you want a larger normal sized ice-cream pumpkin pie, you can definitely make one! You just have to make the graham cracker crust yourself with some crushed graham crackers and some butter. You spread your graham cracker crust into a normal sized pie dish and then scoop your semi-melted pumpkin pie ice-cream into your pie dish. You smooth out the ice-cream to make it look more like a pie.

Add a dollop of whipped cream and some sprinkles to finish the pie. You place it in the freezer until your ready to serve. Heat up your knife with some warm water to slice the ice-cream pie slices.

DIY large ice cream pumpkin pie

That’s another option for an ice-cream pumpkin pie. I just find it simpler and cuter to make mini ones.

MINI ice cream pumpkin pie

You can just place one of these mini pies at each place setting during Thanksgiving and there is hardly any clean up after people gobble these up.

DIY mini ice cream pumpkin-pie

I hope you enjoy these mini ice-cream pumpkin pies as much as I do this Thanksgiving!

It will surely be a hit with your guests!

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