Mini No Bake Easter Egg Piñata Cakes Recipe!

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Recipe

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Are you ready for some more Easter Fun?! Today I wanted to share the first of a few fun Easter Posts done in collaboration with The Bakers Party Shop. It’s a fabulous shop that is my go to for all my fun sprinkles, baking, and party supplies. They rock and you should definitely check them out! For Easter I always like to make an easy tasty treat for my family. I usually make a huge Easter bunny or Easter Egg cake. This year I didn’t want to make a huge cake so I instead came up with these Easy to make Mini No Bake Easter Egg Piñata Cakes Recipe! It’s awesome since I don’t even have to turn on the oven to make these adorable Easter cakes.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Supplies

To make these amazing cakes you’ll need:

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Sprinkles

The first step to making these cakes is to take your Sara Lee pound cakes out from the carton and cut out your slices for you layers of Easter Egg Piñata Cakes. I make little cuts at the top of each loaf of cake about an inch wide.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-1

Then you slice your pieces of cake and make sure to slice them straight so your cakes are not lop sided.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-2

You then take your Easter Egg cookie cutter and slice out your egg shaped layers of cake.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-3

The are pretty thick so you then cut the egg cakes in even halves. This makes for more layers of cake so that you’ll have 3 layers of egg shaped cakes for each of your 7 cakes if you bought two pound cakes. Once you’ve sliced and cut in half all your layers of cake you put them back in the metal containers with the lid on and back in the freezer so they stay hard and cold while you mix up your frosting colors.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-4

You then take a tiny drop of food coloring and mix up the frosting colors you’d like your Easter Egg Piñata Cakes to be. I chose a pastel blue, pink, purple, and yellow.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-5

I barely added any food coloring to the pastel blue so it would stay a very light blue. Once all your frosting colors are mixed you take your egg shaped layers of cake out of the freezer again and stack them in stacks of 3 for each cake.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-6

You then take the slice of cake you’ve made the middle layer for each cake and press the 1 inch circle cookie cutter through it and make a hole.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-7

You then frost the bottom layer with frosting and stick the middle layer with the cut out hole on top of it. You then fill the middle layer hole with all your fabulous The Bakers Party Shop sprinkles.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-8

You repeat the process for all your frosting colors and layers of cake.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-9

You can even match up the sprinkles with the colored cakes.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-10

For the purple cakes I put in a lot of purple sprinkles as you can see below.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-12

Once you’ve filled all your cakes with sprinkles you add the top layer of egg cake and then proceed to frost each cake.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-11

You then frost each cake with two layers of frosting. After they are completely frosted you can decorate them with your pink and green icing to make the Easter Egg look and with the The Bakers Party Shop sprinkles as well.

Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Step-13

Once you’re done decorating them you can put them in the freezer on a baking sheet until you’re ready to serve.

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-1

Boom some adorable and easy to make Mini No Bake Easter Egg Piñata Cakes

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-3

This pastel blue Easter Egg Piñata Cake is my favorite!

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-4

Well it’s a tie between that cake and this pink cake above and this purple mini Easter Egg piñata cake below.

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-5

This pink cake blow was also adorable!


If you make 7 of these Mini No Bake Easter Egg Piñata Cakes, You can place them all on a large cake stand and serve.

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-Main

When you open the cakes up the fun sprinkles will come pouring out!


It’s such an adorable and fun way to celebrate Easter.

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cake

You can serve these cakes to your family or to your guests for those Easter Brunches.

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-7

Who would love these adorable cakes for Easter? I know I would love them if I saw them at an Easter Brunch!

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes

They are super simple and easy to make, but they look like you spent hours making them!

No-Bake-Mini-Easter-Egg -Pinata-Cakes-6

I hope you enjoy these Mini No Bake Easter Egg Piñata Cakes as much as we do! They’re darn tasty too!

Thanks so much to The Bakers Party Shop for this fun collaboration! Be sure to check out their shop and blog for more great Easter ideas! They also have an Etsy shop you can find HERE.


Stay tuned for more fun collaborations with The Bakers Party Shop!

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