Missing My Mr. Pink!

Hey All!

I’m not sure if most of you saw my instagram and social media shares, but I’ve been MIA because I’ve not only been waiting for our baby to arrive, but I’ve been mourning the horrible loss of my fur baby Mister Pink. He passed on August 31st and I am still in a terrible funk and insanely heartbroken. It was just so sudden and I was not prepared to let him go. His passing has hit me VERY hard and I’m sure it’s hitting me even harder because it happened right as I’m about to give birth. I’m super emotional at the moment and it’s hard to focus on giving birth when I’m mourning. Today, I just wanted to jump on here to do a little dedication to my baby and try to release some of this grief through writing. And also I wanted to say something about it before I started our maternity leave next week and our team takes over for the coming weeks with Back to School content and Halloween content.

I called Pink my little supermodel. He was the cutest dog ever and super unique looking. People would literally stop their cars and ask me and my husband what kind of dog he was. He most of time loved dressing up and modeling for me. That’s how I was able to get so many amazing pics of him for brands and brands loved him. He loved also getting dressed up for Halloween.


I had Pink for almost 15 years. He was a rescue dog, so we don’t exactly know how old he was. He had a very rough life before I got him, so I vowed to give him the best life he could ever want and to spoil him rotten for the rest of his days. I did that and then some. He had a few health issues and towards the end he had prostate cancer. Even with all that, you could not tell he was sick. The doctors thought he wouldn’t last to the age he did and we proved them wrong. I got his chart from his vet while we were in the hospital with him on the day he passed and it was 146 pages long. I spent over $100,000 to keep this dog happy and healthy for those 15 years. That’s how much I loved my dog!

He had a wink that I call his signature photo move. He would always wink at the camera.


He was so funny and so sweet to all who met him.

He loved his walks and just staying in on his favorite bed, which he had since day one. I had to wash it and take care of it because he would flip out with out his bed.

He always looked like he was smiling and I’ll never forget how he loved to snuggle and give kisses for hours.

I call this his superman pose above.

I know I’ll never find or have another dog like Mr. Pink ever again. He was one of a kind and his own little very unique personality. He gave side eye and he was just like his mom. He was my brite & bubbly fur mini me. We think he was a boarder collie mixed with a pomeranian, but we’ll honestly never know. I just know I’ve never seen another dog like him and I know I never will.

Thank you my Pinkle Mc Pinklestein for all the years of love and joy. He was my companion and support during many rough times and my baby. I loved him like a baby not as a dog and pet.

He will never be forgotten and I’ll always miss him forever.

Here are some of my favorite photos that I’ve shared here on the blog or on social media over the years. I took hundreds of pictures of him, but these are some of my favorites.

That’s his favorite bed below.

Thank you for allowing me to share this dedication to my deeply missed fur baby and for all the support during this difficult time.

I’m very much looking forward to our baby to arrive so I can have something to get my mind of this loss and fill the void in my heart. I can’t wait to snuggle my little man.

We’ll be on maternity leave next week, but the content will continue and keep on rolling thanks to our team bubbly squad. We’ll kick off Halloween and more next week.



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    I’m so very for your loss. I know the dog meant a lot to you. When pets are with us for a period of time, they become family. Thoughts and prayers to you.