Mondays Are For Itty Bitty Sloppy Joe’s & Tacos!

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I know not many people look forward to Mondays, but I’m happy to admit we often do since we have ourselves what’s called Manwich Monday! It’s a fun way for us to start our week, with a tasty, easy-to-make family meal around the dinner table. Who doesn’t love to eat a good sloppy joe recipe? I know I do! Manwich is a hearty sauce with a sweet and tangy taste. It’s a great, easy, quality ingredient that you can use in a variety of recipes. Manwich has no meat and the sauce is perfect for sandwiches, pastas and more! Plus, Manwich has the Kid-Stopping Power that makes meals a messy-licious treat to be enjoyed with both hands. It also helps bring the family’s attention back to mealtime and away from everyday distractions. This helps make dinner time family focused on mealtime and not on texting or playing video games.

You can also do so many cute things with Manwich and make dinner so much fun! Yes I said CUTE folks! You’ll see what I mean as you keep reading. When dinner time is also fun and cute, kids are never distracted. It’s double the awesome, which kids can’t resist.


We enjoy all three options of Manwich which are: Manwich Original, Manwich Bold and Manwich Thick & Chunky. We tend to use all the flavors in different ways on our Manwich Monday. I have three different Manwich recipes I tend to use often on our Monday meal-fest. I figured I would share them with all my fabulous readers, as I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as well.


For the first recipe we like to make tacos! Yes folks, you can use Manwich to make some tasty tacos! We use the Thick & Chunky Sloppy Joe Sauce to make these fun and easy tacos. We cook up some ground beef (Manwich is meatless!) and seasoning it with a teaspoon of taco seasoning, a tablespoon of some mild salsa and some tiny pieces of jalapeños. You can see how thick and chunky the sauce is when you mix it with the chop meat below. You don’t need to put too much into it as you don’t want to over power the flavor of the sauce.


You simply mix the Manwich Thick & Chunky with your ground beef and then put in Taco shells! We love our Sloppy Joe’s in tacos! Who says the only way to eat your sloppy joe is in a bun? Not me!


I think the Manwich Thick & Chunky sauce adds the perfect flavor to ground beef for an amazing and easy to make taco. You can easily throw some cheese and lettuce on there for the perfect Manwich Monday taco night! The family loves them and they taste fantastic too! It’s still the same messy treat with a fun little twist.


The second way we like to eat our Manwich Sloppy Joe’s is we like to make sliders. I know that Sloppy Joe’s are supposed to be big and messy, but that’s just not my family. We don’t like mess, we like small and easy to eat. Making smaller, yet still smaller, versions of the traditional Sloppy Joe make eating them all the more fun for kids. They can get their hands around them better and they can still get messy. For the sliders, we use the Manwich Bold flavor sauce mixed with ground beef. We figured if we make them smaller, they should have a bolder taste. We cook and season the ground beef with a tablespoon of garlic powder and a pinch of salt and pepper. Once the ground beef is cooked, we mix in the Manwich Bold flavor sauce.


We get some delicious Hawaiian bread dinner rolls and cut them in half to make buns. We spread a lot of Sloppy Joe on each bun and serve. We let some of the Sloppy Joe fall off the sides of the small buns, as Sloppy Joe’s are supposed to be messy no matter what size they are! Two or three of these babies is like the equivalent of one large Sloppy Joe. Your family will eat about 3 or 4 of these sliders and have some very full bellies.


The last and final way we LOVE to eat our Sloppy Joe’s is in itty bitty mini bite sized versions. Yes you read that right! I make those sliders even smaller! Your family will go nuts for these, as they are so different and fun to eat. My family does! They are like bite sized little bundles of fun on a plate. Look at this photo below! How cute are those itty bitty Sloppy Joe’s? Don’t you just want to eat it? You know you do! When you make these, you probably will stop and say how cute it is before you eat it up in one bite. That’s usually how it goes when I make these.


I use the Manwich Original Sloppy Joe Sauce to make these, since the family will be eating a bunch of these little itty bitty Sloppy Joe’s. I don’t want the flavor to be too much when they are eating more little bites. I start making these by cutting Hawaiian bread dinner rolls in half. I then take a two inch round circle cookie cutter and I start cutting out the tiny buns from the two halves of the dinner rolls. This is the most time consuming part of the entire recipe. You cut as many tops and bottoms as you’d like to make itty bitty Sloppy Joe’s for. Once you have all your tiny buns ready you start to cook your beef.


I cook and season the ground beef the same way as I cooked the second recipe sliders, except I mix this ground beef with Manwich Original Sloppy Joe Sauce. I make sure it’s very well mixed together before I place it on my tiny buns. Once it’s done, I place the meat on the tiny buns with a tablespoon. You place your itty bitty Sloppy Joe’s on a small plate and serve!


You can even serve them with mini appetizer fork utensils and tiny cups filled with juice to make it even more fun. I like to call it “Honey I Shrunk Dinner Time”.


Those are the three ways we love to have our Manwich Monday. You should definitely start your own week with Manwich Monday! I’m sure you’re family will enjoy it as much as we do! You can find tasty recipes perfect to kick-off the week on the Manwich recipe page, such as Sloppy Joes, Saucy Meatloaf, Baked Sloppy Joe Cups, Sloppy Joe Macaroni Skillet, and more! Check some fun Manwich Monday Recipes here:

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