Monsters University Is The Best Film of The Year Thus Far! #Movie #Review #MonstersUEvent

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I recently had the amazing opportunity to view the Walt Disney and Pixar prequel to 2001’s smash hit Monster’s, Inc. The two main monsters Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James Sullivan (John Goodman) are back, but much younger. Before becoming Monster Inc.’s star employees, they had to go to school at Monsters University. Spoilers to follow. You’ve been warned.


Also returning is Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire) as the slithering monster that can disappear from sight Randall. Helen Mirren (The Queen) joins the cast as Dean of Scaring Program Dean Hardscrabble. Alfred Molina (Spiderman 2) is the scaring instructor Professor Knight. Nathan Fillion (T.V.’s Castle) plays Johnny, the big monster on campus. Making up the fraternity that Mike and Sully join are an ensemble of talented comedic actors; Charlie Day (Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Sean Hayes (Will and Grace), Joel Murray (Two and Half Men), and Dave Foley (News Radio).


In this film we not only Mike a college student, we see him as a child. When he goes on a school field trip to Monster’s Inc., he adopts the dream of attending Monsters University and becoming a professional Scarer. Fast-forward to years later where Mike has become a young adult off to college at Monster’s University. Mike is enrolled in the scaring program along with his roommate Randall. On campus Mike sees the many features of daily student life. Adults may have nostalgia from their own college experiences and graduating high-schoolers can peak into elements of their own future college endeavors. On the first day of class Mike meets James Sullivan, son of a famous Scarer and gifted with true scaring potential. Mike must try hard because as everyone tells him he does not look scary. Eventually they both must overcome their handicaps, play to their strengths and in that process become the best of friends.


The important lesson from this film is don’t give up on your dreams. If there is something you’d like to do no matter the obstacle you face, hard work and ingenuity will get you to your goal. While the film takes place at a university and the characters are college students, the humor is not college based. People that are concerned that Monster’s University is going to be Animal House with Monsters need not worry. Monster’s University continues in the Pixar tradition of family friendly comedy and drama.

It’s refreshing to have a film with heart that tells a tale with morals. As usual, Pixar has made not only the best animated film of the year, but possibly the best film of the year thus far. I highly recommend you see it.

And don’t forget The Blue Umbrella opens in front of MONSTERS UNIVERSITY in theaters on June 21st!

You get two great films for the price of one.

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