More The Avengers Fun! Midnight Screenings & Walmart! #MARVEL #AVENGERS #MOVIE

Hey All!

Here is some more avengers Fun for ya! Have you see the Avengers site? It’s freaken amazing! You can get ready for your Avengers Midnight Party Screenings with this amazing site! They have everything from products like toys to apparel…

Like you can download the wallpaper image like the one seen above of the Avengers Animated and some activities like face masks your kids color in to dress as their favorite avenger!

You can also watch the awesome new trailer!

It so awesome to see all the Avengers stuff going on as we get closer to the Avengers. Did you know some AMC Theaters are doing Marathon Screenings of All the individual Avengers Screenings?

You will see Thor, Captain America, Both Iron Mans, Hulk, and The Avengers at Midnight for about $40! That’s a steal to me! So get your tickets and start your count down for the Avengers!

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MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS hits theaters everywhere on May 4th!