Mr. Pink Get’s A Fabulous Pink Makeover!


Hey All!

As the summer months are approaching I wanted to get out dogs ready for the occasion. Our dog Mr. Pink desperately needed to be groomed and we were thrilled to be invited by PetSmart to try their Spaw Day Package which included a bath, trim, and furminator treatment along with their Pet Expressions services that include chalk and feathering.

In case you didn’t know PetSmart now offers Pet Expressions. The grooming service where you can have them feather, chalk and stencil designs on your dog’s fur. The chalking and stencil lasts for a few days, so it’s great for a holiday or event.

Being that my dog is names Mr. Pink I of course had to have him chalked and stenciled in pink.


Chalking is a creative grooming service featuring color accents that are applied by hand. Select one color or several colors to create a unique look.

About the chalking:

  • 5 color options
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Washable

Stenciling is a creative grooming service that features decorative stencils to create a fun way to involve your pet in a special occasion or holiday.

About the Stenciling:

  • 16 designs options
  • 8 color options
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Washable

We chose a heart for Mr. Pink and his groomer Karen was fantastic with Mr. Pink. She groomed, chalked, and stenciled him and he couldn’t have been happier. She said he was a very good boy and the best she’d worked with all day! I love how it came out!


His pink heart and pink tail are beyond adorable. As I’m walking him I’m getting stopped by so many people to give him compliments about how cute he is.


I think Mr. Pink enjoys all the attention as well.


If you’re looking for a fun and fabulous grooming service, I highly recommend you try PetSmart! Packages start at $18 depending on the size of your dog!

Also PetSmart has the best character toys for dogs. We got those Muppet toys at PetSmart for him being a good boy for grooming.

Also be on the look out for the Pup Truck at your local PetSmart!

Every day pets inspire us to be better people, to be more positive, more giving, more caring, etc. PetSmart is looking to pet parents to spread the word with a new motto, #inspiredbypets. Soon you’ll see inspiring stories on PetSmart social media sites and television commercials. To kick-off the event, PetSmart is taking a Pup Truck across North America to surprise and delight pet parents, by creating moments with pets and parents and providing toys and fun along the way.

On May 9th the pup filled truck will make its first stop in the Westwood area. The pups will be visiting four stops in LA to surprise and bring inspiring moments to Los Angeles residents and their four-legged friends. If you’re in the LA Area stop by!

Hop on the #inspiredbypets motto, and upload a photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the #inspiredbypets hashtag.

For more info follow PetSmart on, Instagram @PetSmart, and Twitter @PetSmart.



I was solely provided this service for review. All Opinions are my own.