Mr. Pink Is Ready For Halloween!


Hey All!

Our fun little super model dog Mr. Pink LOVES to dress up for Halloween. He knows how to model for his Momma already when I’m deciding one of the many costumes he’ll be wearing during this festive Halloween week. Thanks to the folks at PetSmart he has two other fun options to choose from and some fun Halloween toys to play with as well. He got this fun surprise package filled with an elephant and an Banana Split ice cream sundae costume. You all know how much I love my ice cream, why wouldn’t I want to dress him up like my favorite cold tasty treat?

Here he is modeling the Banana Split costume. I call this his Derek Zoolander Blue Steel look. Over the shoulder cuteness!


This is his pensive, I wish I had some ice cream right now look.


You can see how cute the little scoops of ice cream are in the picture below. They even have little cherries.


He knows he looks good enough to eat in this costume, hence the liking of the lips!


He’s very happy with his Banana Split costume!


I’m personally obsessed with his elephant costume. I call him little dog Dumbo.


How cute is does he look in the picture above? ADORABLE!


You can see how it just Velcros on and his little trunk dangles down the middle of his head. He’s not uncomfortable though.


The little elephant legs dangle over the sides.


He’s another I’m sexy and I know it pose below. LOL.


He’s very happy and comfortable in this costume.

Mr.Pink-Elephant-Halloween Dog- costume

Mr.Pink Elephant-Halloween-Dogcostume

I think it’s a strong contender to be worn on Halloween Day. It may beat out the ice cream sundae!

Mr.Pink Elephant Halloween-Dog-costume

Another thing Mr. Pink is super excited about is his new treats and toys. He was sent some Halloween themed Greenies called Scaryberry. It’s a special packaging for Halloween. Your fur babies desserve some treats on Halloween as well and these will do just the trick. They will also clean his teeth as he munches along on his scary treats this Halloween.


The toys all squeak and I’m in love with the zombie foot, since you know I love my zombies!


The orange bone lights up and squeaks!

PetSmart has such an amazing selections of costumes, toys, and treats for dogs this Halloween. I mean look at this Loofa dog costume. Yes it’s a PINK bath Loofa! AMAZING!

For more info on scoring some last minute treats and costumes for your Fur Babies, visit They also offer in store pick up for those last minute shoppers!



We solely received these costumes and toys as a gift from PetSmart. No compesation was received.