My Amazing Cemetery Movie Cake and Cupcakes! Halloween Recipe! – Swaggerific Halloween Feature!

Hey all!

Every year I make the most amazing cemetery cake for halloween. This cake is a great centerpiece for any Halloween party! This cake is super cute, easy to make, and seriously tastes amazing.

This is a picture of a cake I made last year.

This is the cake I made this year!

I put a twist on the cake this year and made it a horror movie cemetery cake with Jason…

And Michael Myers included.

I also included the old cars, bottles of booze, guns, knives, you know since teens are always getting killed in horror movies after boozing it up. zombie hands, candy pumpkins, tombstones made out of Milano Cookies, Marsh mellow peep ghosts, and anything else you can think of that is Halloween and movie related.

Isn’t it adorable! I love my cemetery cake so much this year.

You can make your own cake or use a mix. I used the Pillsbury Funfetti Halloween Cake mix and a tub of Milk chocolate whipped frosting. This cake can be made super quick!

I also made some Halloween spooky cupcakes.

Also complete with zombie hands and Jason heads! Again all I used was the Halloween Funfetti cake mix from Pillsbury and the Pillsbury Halloween orange frosting and the chocolate whipped frosting I had left over from the cake.

I got the cake decorations and cupcake liners at target and at the amazing online shop called The Cupcake Confessional which I feature in my Halloween guide earlier this month. I used her Horror Movie Cupcake kit and zombie hands and liquor bottles that I bought to make this cake.

So you can get your decorations from where ever and decorate your cake and cupcakes how ever you’d like. I simply used some pillsbury halloween funtetti cake mix, chocolate frosting, and crushed oreos to make the dirt to make this cake.

The cupcakes you do the same except place the cake mix into Halloween themed cupcake liners in your cupcake pan then decorate how you see fit.

It’s an amazing cake to make. I love it and I’m sure you will too!

Thanks for letting me share this recipe with you and Happy Halloween everyone.

Thanks again for following my blog!