My Awesome Cake Decorating Fiesta!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Cake Boss. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


Hey All!

I LOVE to bake and cake decorate every chance I get! I have a major sweet tooth and I’m all about my tasty treats. You can imagine how thrilled I was to get the opportunity to host a Cake Boss party with Cake Boss products that you can find at Michaels! In case you didn’t know Michaels in my home away from home. I’m always there buying something for a craft or baking project. I love baking because you can essentially play with your food and create something delightful that everyone can enjoy. It’s not only DIY fun, it’s tasty fun. I also love the Cake Boss show on TLC, so it was really a win win for me!


I hosted my party last week and I couldn’t wait for the day to come.  Hosting a Cake Boss party during the holiday season was even more special as it gave me the opportunity to catch up with friends and also have the opportunity to give them a great holiday gift that they can use as well to make some tasty holiday baked goods. I started setting up the night before for the 5 girlfriends I invited.  All were excited to get decorating!


I set up the Cake Boss Dessert Plate Set, the Cake Boss Dessert Bowl Set, and all the frosting, sprinkles, icing, fondants and spatulas I had for me and my guests.


The Cake Boss Decorating Turntable and Cake Boss Cake Carrier were probably my favorites of all the products I received as the turntable made it so easy to spread the frosting and fondant. And the carrier is just beyond adorable and perfect to carry away your beautiful cake creations.


The fondant station was set up in the kitchen as we needed a lot of space to roll it out how we wanted it.


I couldn’t wait to play with the sprinkles in particular. Can you tell how I excited I was by my cake? YAY!


We each enjoyed decorating with the icing and fondant.


The icing and Cake Boss 24-Piece Advanced Tip Set were a huge hit with my guests.


So were the adorable bowls that I put sprinkles in. The spatulas were also incredibly handy in our cake decorating fiesta.


We all had our own techniques when it came to decorating and the fun thing about cake decorating is it all works. You can do what ever you want as it’s yours to have fun with!


There are a few lessons I took away from my party:

1. You can never have too many sprinkles…


2. Flour is your friend at all times as it will not allow anything to stick to your rolling pin…


3. Cake Decorating is even more fun when you’re doing it with friends!


Everyone’s cake creations came out spectacular in my opinion.


I love my sprinkle YAY cake! I think it came out adorable.


The best part about having a cake decorating party, is we get to eat the tasty cakes we made after we were done decorating!


Yummy cake for all!


After the party a colorful mess was left to clean up, but I didn’t even mind since I loved having my Cake Boss Party!


My guests had a great time and they all walked away with an amazing Cake Boss goodie bag as well. It was a huge success and it was great to spend time with my friends before the insane holiday week began.

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