My Baby Bag Must Haves!

Hey All!

Since I’m in full baby product hoarding mode and sharing all things baby this week, I wanted to take today to interrupt our normal Hey Girl Hey post to share some of the things I’ve gotten thus far for my baby bag. These are some products I’m obsessed with and considered must haves. I thought sharing a few items might help all those new moms or soon to be moms or moms who are just expecting and looking for new awesome products. I’m so excited to be including all things baby on the site, I can’t even tell you. It seems like a lot of people are expecting this year, so it seems like a great year to start sharing our #BubblyBaby content!

So first off, I’m going to try to keep my baby bag organized, unlike the black hole that is my purse! To help with that I met this amazing local Los Angeles brand at an event recently called Golden Child! They make these awesome diaper bag inserts that help organize your diaper bag!

How awesome is that folks?!! First, I love supporting local small businesses and secondly these inserts make stashing everything you need in your diaper bag so much easier. They also make your bag so much more organized and you won’t have to go searching for everything you need in your diaper bag. You can just pull out the insert by it’s handles and everything will be in it’s own compartment and easy to find. I’m loving it and I know it’s going to make life so much easier when the baby comes! I got the Black and White Stripe Sunny Diaper Bag Insert which you can find HERE!

That was my honorable mention! Here are my other diaper bag must haves!

1. Oh Joy Diaper Bag! I’ve actually had this bag since even before I was pregnant. I was hoarding baby products for some time and it kept going out of stock. So I just bought it and have been keeping it until I got pregnant! It’s currently in stock, so get it while you still can!

2. Black and White Stripe Sunny Diaper Bag Insert. See why above.*

3. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles, because they are apparently the best and prevent the baby from getting a lot of gas.*

4. Oh Joy! Changing Pad Clutch! Another product that I snagged and saved since I didn’t want to lose out on getting it for my baby!

5. Organic Cotton Burping Clothes. I’m going to need a lot of these during feedings where ever I am!

6. And last but not least a baby toy/security blanket! I love this Oh Joy! Lovie Swan Security Blanket! It’s gender neutral and super cute. Another item I bought and stored to finally use now!

I’ll also have diapers, wipes, tissues, and some other products in my diaper bag. I’m sure I’ll be using those awesome new Pampers Pure wipes and diapers for our baby. I love the Pampers brand. I’ve done a few campaigns with them over the years and I also only trust them with my babies. Even when I was a baby, I could only use Pampers. Everything else gave me a rash.

That’s what’s currently in my diaper bag at the moment as I am just beginning to get baby products. I’ll be sure to do a post update to let you know what is actually in my baby bag when the baby is actually born!

Hope this helps get you started building your own baby bag must haves!

You can find all things Bubbly Baby HERE!


Products marked with an asterisk* were gifted items. Post also contains affiliate links.