My Birth Plan For Our Bubbly Baby!

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If you’ve followed this blog and our social channels for some time, you should know by now that I’m a huge planner. I don’t like to leave things until the last minute and I made sure I had a plan for my birth during my pregnancy. I recently gave birth a short time ago and I wanted to share a little about our birth plan and a great resource that helped us prepare for the birth of our bubbly baby.

We used a great resource called My Birth Plan to map out a plan that worked for us. This site is great as it allows you to sign up to receive a customized birth plan, provides loads of helpful articles about the delivery process, and receive relevant email updates throughout your pregnancy. It’s super helpful if it’s your first baby or your third!

I didn’t want to go into the hospital and not know what I wanted for me and my baby. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for your birthing experience. Am I right, ladies? My Birth Plan was created with the experience of OBs (obstetricians) and the perspective of moms—all so you can make a plan that’s right for you and your baby.

After signing up, you can create a free customizable birth plan on By signing up, you (my pregnant gals) will receive the birth plan along with informational email updates that are tailored to where you are in your pregnancy journey.

It was so helpful to have something like to guide conversations with my doctor as my due date was approaching, as well as have it in my hospital bag for us to reference during my birthing experience. I love me a good checklist and always use them to keep myself on schedule. My Birth Plan also provided a Hospital Checklist which helped me make sure I didn’t forget anything before we got to the hospital to deliver our bubbly baby.

I’ve learned so much from just reading the articles on the site. is a treasure trove of pregnancy, labor & delivery related articles to help you along in every step of your pregnancy journey!

I planned on delivering naturally for the most part, but things happen and you may not stick 100% to your birth plan. I know that’s what happened for me, and it was great to have something to reference as our “game plan” during delivery to guide our decisions.

During my birth, I made the decision to just have my husband and the doctors and nurses in the room. I have a post-partum doula that helps me along with my family, but I chose to not have the doula in the hospital room with me. After my birthing experience, I think I’d like to have one in the room with me for my next baby. I’ll share my complete birthing story at a later time! I digress…

After reading lots of amazing articles and info on prior to giving birth, we got to speak to our OB (obstetrician) ahead of time so we could plan for the unexpected and understand the decisions we may have to make during our delivery.

I was prepared for things to happen like inducing labor if need be. We had to prepare for anything, especially when 1 in 4 women need help jump starting their labor induction process before giving birth! It’s fairly common for your cervix not to soften, thin, and dilate on its own. Getting your cervix ready for labor is typically the first part of induction, referred to as cervical ripening, and it’s best to know your options in advance so that you can have an informed conversation with your OB. I was surprised to know that there were a few methods to help ‘ripen’ the cervix, but that not all of them are FDA approved, meaning they haven’t been proven safe and effective to FDA standards and have not been determined to have benefits that outweigh any risks.

Even though induction may not be your ideal birthing scenario, it is important to discuss your options with your OB or midwife at 37 weeks in the event that induction becomes necessary.

We’ve covered all the bases of induction with our OB and it was so helpful to be prepared and knowledgeable when I gave birth. Thanks to awesome sites like, we were prepared for all the possibilities that can happen during pregnancy.

If you’re an expecting mom-to-be, I highly recommend checking out to sign up to customize a birth plan and receive all the awesome email updates they provide throughout your pregnancy.

You can also find My Birth Plan on Facebook too!

I hope you find this site as helpful as I have during pregnancy!

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