My Fabulous The Avengers Fashion, Accessories & More for #theavengersevent! #Disney #avengers

Hey All!

So as many of you know I was invited by Disney to attend this amazing event for The Avengers, celebrating both the film and the real life heroes of NYC at The Tribeca Film Festival Closing Night.  It’s going to be a 3 day event so I’ll need lot of geeky and fabulous attire and accessories to wear! Here is what I’ll be wearing and all the fabulous and amazing sponsors who were kind enough to get me ready for this once in a lifetime event and also for my own The Avengers party/celebration I will be having.

I will be attending the Marathon of the Avengers movies with my family which will end with a midnight screening of The Avengers. We’ll be partying like no tomorrow May 3rd and 4th!

First I needed some luggage to get me there. was kind enough to send me this Mother Lode TLS Wheeled Duffel!

I’m loving it since it’s going to fit everything I need and then some for this trip!

And these packing cubes that are coming in the mail to help me get my packing organized.

And they are also sending me this fabulous Piazza Biance Shopper Bag to carry everything in at the event! was kind enough to send me this Panoramic View Dress that reminds me of Thor to wear at the event.

These are the shoes I got thanks to my payments from Cbias!

They both will be painted with Avengers on them by the talented and amazing Jilliann Silva at East Bay California on Etsy! She does amazing designs like the one below she did for Star Wars!

She is going to do an amazing job I know! I can’t wait to wear my shoes on the red carpet!

I also got these amazing tees from to wear during the event!

My nails are being done by the amazing nail salon Nail Garden here in Los Angeles. I found these nails on Pinterest and I’m thinking of doing my own spin on these minus the spider man.

Like I love these nails below!

These are my earrings that I got off!

These are my Captain America undies I got to wear under my geeky duds.

This is my iphone decked out in Avengers in Captain America with a case I got at Comic Con last year! I got the case before I got the phone which I think is hilarious.

My hair is being done by the fabulous Langham Huntington Spa in Pasadena!

We’ll be munching on some The Avengers cookies with the Avengers thanks to The Talented Cookie!

And last but not least Simply Superheroes sent me all these amazing Avengers Gear like Thor Headphones for me to use on the plane over and a tee to wear on the plane over and at my party!

And some other amazing gear like buttons to wear during the event and at our party and a wobble headed Captain America to keep me company in NYC while I take the trip with out my family and to inspire me to ask some amazing questions and a Captain America Tie to gift to a special someone at Disney for this opportunity. And a scavenger hunt game and wall decals for my party! Maybe I can bring the scavenger hunt game and we can play find the Avengers in NYC! LOL.

It’s going to be an amazing EVENT and this movie is probably going to be the greatest summer movie of all time!

We can’t wait for this film! We’re going to geek out for this movie like we’ve never geeked out before! Are you counting down the days? We are! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook and follow hashtag #theavengersevent for all the latest on my coverage for the event!

And if you haven’t become a shield agent yet, what are you waiting for? I was recruited at Comic Con last year and The Queen of Swag thinks you should be a member of my elite team!

AND GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! I’m sure it will sell out! MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS opens every where 5/4/12!

Also follow The Avnegers on Facebook, Twitter and visit their site for more info.

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I am attending an event courtesy of Disney all expenses paid and attending a screening of this film and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***