My Fabulous Wedding Thanks To Party City!

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Hey All!

On this Wedding Wednesday I wanted to tell you a little about our wedding! As you all know I had the Muppet Star Wars Wedding of The Century! I honestly couldn’t have done it with out the help of some fabulous Star Wars Storm Troopers and with the help of a fabulous shop that I love called Party City!

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You may have heard of it right? Yes you can get some fabulous products for your wedding at Party City. You can get photo props for your photo booth like the Star Wars Light Sabers seen below.


You can also get fabulous decor for your wedding reception.


We made our own Cosmic Cantina Bar with the help of Party City. They provided a variety of Star Wars Products to make it happen. The Star Wars Stand up figures, napkins, light sabers, and Star Wars confetti were all from Party City!



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Sorry for the not so great pictures! My photographer for our wedding didn’t do a good job honestly. It’s left us very sad. Regardless I still wanted to show off the great products we had from Party City.

Our table settings including the chargers, napkins, and ribbons were from Party City.



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The Candy Buffet that we had was primarily filled with candy and jars from Party City!



The Love dishes were filled with large smarties from Party City…


The jars were labeled with rainbow tags from Party City…




The candy necklace and the container holding the necklaces were from Party City…


The Light Up Light Sabers and the container holding them were from Party City…


The rock candy lollipops, candy buttons, mustache lollipops, gumballs, smarties, sweedish fish, candy sticks and the treat bags to hold them all inside were all from Party City! We couldn’t have made our candy buffet with out Party City and all the amazing suggestions they have for Candy Buffets that you can see right HERE.

Behind our ice cream sandwich bar we had an ice cream cone piñata from Party City to mark the ice cream section.



Behind our party favors was a gold mylar backdrop that was also from Party City that you could also use as a back drop. I wish you could see it better but again the photographer didn’t take good pictures.


Regardless of the bad pictures, we’ll always remember how beautiful our special day was and we couldn’t have done it with out the help of Party City!


A Huge thanks to Party City for always having everything I need to make our celebrations wonderful!

For more amazing Wedding ideas check out the Party City Website and follow Party City on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


I am proud to have partnered with Party City to bring you these fabulous wedding ideas. We heart Party City!

Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help keep The Queen of Swag going!