My Fairy HobMother has come to Visit! Well visit my Blog! #hobmother!



Hey All!

I just had to share this fun email I got today! You know fairy tales have Fairy godmother’s? Well Blogs have Fairy HobMothers!

The Fairy Hobmother spreads light and joy throughout the blogosphere! I think this is too funny and fantastic! And luckily my blog caught the eye and the magic wand or the Hobmother!

My Hobmother is sending me a $50 voucher for Amazon for my blogging efforts! I’m getting my favorite Amazon gift card just for bringing you my blog! How cool is that!

Thank you Fairy Hobmother and the fairy overlords at can feel free to wave their wand at me any time as I’m trying to save all my Amazon gift codes to buy a Nikon camera so I can take good pictures for my blog! So I appreciate any help!
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***Disclosure: I was compensated with an amazon gift card for featuring the Fairy Hobmother. I am also sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***