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Watermelon Glad Party scape

Hey All!

I recently had a watermelon themed fiesta for my family and I wanted to share some tips on how I get ready for a family party and entertaining with you today. There are a few things I have to do to get ready when I’m entertaining for my family. One of those things involves making a list to plan with. I’m a big planner, especially when we have a family party. I put a lot of thought and preparation into everything I do and I take into account not only the party itself, but the clean up afterwards. On my list I pick a theme for our parties, I pick the treats, I write what kind of disposable tableware and utensils to get, and I make sure I have a clean up plan. I like to be ready to clean up quickly after a party. No one wants to have to spend hours cleaning up, when you’ve just spent hours entertaining. Being the hostess with the mostess can take a lot of energy, so your clean up shouldn’t take any energy. I always use Glad® OdorShield® Gain™ Original Scent with Febreze® trash bags as part of my party planning clean up and preparation. These are all things I recommend you do for your own entertaining as well.

I have my Glad Odorshield Gain Original Scent trash bags on hand and ready to go after a party. The come from the kitchen to the party area, so that I can get to cleaning as soon as the party ends. I love these trash bags because they have a 5-day Odor Control guarantee (even the most perceptive noses won’t notice the trash). The Odor Control neutralizes odors while leaving behind the fresh original scent of Gain™.

Watermelon Glad Party Cake

The trash bags fit right in with this party with their great scent.

Watermelon Glad Party Cakes

When setting up our kitchen table, I like to make sure the tablescape is centered around our main dish. Our main dish for this party was the cake and it was watermelon flavored. How cute is that?!

Watermelon Glad Cake

We also had these adorable little watermelon flavored cookies.

Watermelon Glad Party Treats

Everything was set on watermelon themed disposable plates. I do like to be ec0-friendly, but when it comes to parties, I unfortunately do like to go the disposable plate, cup, and utensil route. It just makes things easier to clean up and we honestly don’t want to have to wash about 30 different dishes and cups after a party.

Watermelon Cookies

It’s much simpler to use something you can reuse for your main dishes and drinks, as it’s less to have to clean up. You can see an example of the watermelon drink jug I used for our drinks during this party below. Cut back on the clean up by cutting back on how much you dirty. We poured our drinks into these watermelon paper cups with watermelon paper umbrellas and straws. We also had watermelon print paper napkins. All of these you can serve, use, and toss at the end of the party. That’s what we did for this party and clean up was super simple. I just pulled out my trash bags and tossed in all the used plates, cups, and utensils.

Glad Order Shield

The reinforcing bags help add strength to help you avoid trash disasters.

Glad Trash Bag

I could fill this trash bag up completely and it would not break.

Glad Trash

I just pull the handles when I’m ready to toss the trash at the end of a party. There is no need for tying and wrapping these trash bags to hide the smell of your trash. You can immediately smell their lovely scent as soon as you pull one from the box. You really can’t tell there is any trash inside this bag with the way it smells. They are available in a variety of scents, but I prefer the original. Thankfully our party was watermelon themed, so the smell of our party blended right in.

Glad Trash Bag Handle

Once I toss the trash and I’m ready to clean the few items that need cleaning. In the case of this party and most of my parties, those few items were cleaned in a flash and I can spend the rest of the night relaxing after a long day of partying with the family.

If you’re entertaining for your family and or planning a family dinner, I always recommend to plan your clean up and to make sure you have yourself some Glad OdorShield Gain Original Scent with Febreze trash bags. It will make the party coming to an end not so bad as the clean up with be easy as cake! I hope these tips and seeing how I put together our family parties helps you with your next party.

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