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As I get ready for our trip to the Cook Islands (Australia and New Zealand’s version of Hawaii), I wanted to share a few of my favorite healthy snacks to travel with and some items I can’t leave home with out when I travel. I tend to get all my travel snack and product goodies from CVS Pharmacy, since I can walk to their stores from where I live. I also love that I can snag a lot of these items sometimes for free using their ExtraCare Rewards program and CVS Pharmacy app. I’m sure you all have an ExtraCare card if you shop at CVS Pharmacy. Mine is run down from being on my key chain and from how much I use it. I always scan my card at the magic coupon machine as soon as I get in the store. Needless to say I’m always at CVS!

CVS Travel Snacks

If you don’t have an ExtraCare card, you’re missing out! You can get personalized email offers if you opt into receiving email offers through the ExtraCare Rewards program. You’ll receive rewards based on your shopping habits. I always get offers for Gold Emblem abound snacks as I buy them so often. Sometimes I get ExtraBucks, which are almost like free gift certificates from CVS for a designated amount that you can use to buy products. I always use them to get my favorite products for free! If you download the CVS Pharmacy app, you can easily send relevant offers right to your ExtraCare Rewards card.  You can also shop online through the app and easily fill your prescription and get notified when it’s ready! It’s all pretty awesome and I just had to share. I digress…

In regards to must haves when I travel, I can’t leave home with out my planner, note pad for taking notes, sleep mask, business cards, pen, and pineapple poof for showering. These items keep me sane and organized when I travel. I also can’t leave with out my Gold Emblem abound snack bars and CVS Health Brand Chewable Vitamins.

CVS Travel Supplies For Business

I am seriously obsessed with these chewable vitamins and apparently everyone else is too. They were sold out at our local CVS when I went last week. I shed a tear when I saw the empty shelf. I like to stock up on them because I use them all the time. The are the best travel option to take your vitamins with you as you travel. The bottle is like 3 inches in length and they are small enough to fit in your purse or pocket perfectly. I honestly always have one in my purse even when I’m not traveling.

Chewable CVS Vitamins

I also have this adorable healthy snack container that I carry my favorite Gold Emblem abound products in. I always fill it with some White Cheddar Popcorn, Gold Emblem Abound Mixed Fruit Crisps, Gold Emblem Abound Fuji Apple & Cinnamon Clusters, and a Superfruit Snack Bar.

Favorite CVS Healthy Snacks

They are my go to snacks for when I travel and I honestly don’t travel with out them. I like to have some kind of food with me when I travel, because I never know what food I’m going to be eating and if I’m going to find something I like. I’m a picky eater, so I have to make sure I have something to eat with me at all times.

Favorite CVS Healthy Snacks 1

Who wouldn’t love a cute box of tasty treats like these?!

Favorite CVS Healthy Snacks 2

Favorite CVS Healthy Snacks 3

These items are all super convenient as I can easily slip them into any size purse I have. I have purses that are shaped like everything you can imagine, so having items and snacks like these that I can fit into them are a god send.

Favorite CVS Healthy Snacks & Products

I’m always on the hunt for great small CVS Health products that I can carry around in my purses. In case you didn’t know, the store brand line known as “CVS Pharmacy” has been completely revamped and replaced with a new line under the “CVS Health” name. There are few new items I’m adding to my purse/travel must haves which are: Manuka honey first-aid pads, adult gummy vitamins, cold and flu K-cups and single-dose children’s medications! Every hotel has a K-cup coffee maker, so it’s awesome to have some cold and flu K-cups you can travel with in case you get under the weather when you travel.

Favorite CVS Travel Supplies

On May 11, Cia Tucci, the vice president of store brands at CVS Pharmacy, announced the official launch of the CVS Health product line. She discussed the company’s commitment to transforming its stores into premier health and beauty destinations by bringing high-quality, innovative and trusted products to its shelves to help customers live their healthiest life. They are doing a fabulous job as I just love all the new products they are offering.

Favorite CVS Vitamins

I hope I’ve inspired you to get your own yummy healthy travel snacks and CVS Health items for your next travel adventure.

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