My Favorite Novelty Purses & Where To Buy Them!

Favorite Novelty Purses

Hey All!

You may know me as the girl with a ton of flair and for keeping my #PinGame and #PatchGame strong, But I also keep my #BagGame strong too! I have a ton of cute novelty purses aka purses that look like everything from tasty treats to flamingos. I can’t resist a cute and colorful bag and my collection of bags is getting just as big as my pin collection. I’m always sharing them on Instagram and Snapchat and I’m always asked where I get them, so I thought I would put together my favorite places to buy and find bags. I find them primarily online and they come from all over!

The first place I shop for bags is ASOS! I basically give half the money I make to ASOS, because I buy so many clothes, shoes, and bags to them. I got that Banana Bag, Flamingo Bag and Bossy Clutch you see above from ASOS! They have an amazing variety of bags from one of my favorite novelty bag makers SkinnyDip London. If you see a bag is out of stock, just keep checking back as things go in and out of stock on ASOS all the time. If it’s still hosted on the site, there is a good chance it will be restocked soon. You can also get the Banana Clutch HERE.

Speaking of SkinnyDip, that’s where I got the amazing Rainbow bag you see above and I get a bunch of bags and flair sent from them from London. They only sell it on their site and in their shops in Europe. I also just got this Rainbow Bag from Betsy Johnson that I’m in love with too, if you want a darker colored rainbow.

Speaking of Betsey Johnson, She is on a roll with her Kitsch novelty cute handbags. I just picked up this Gumball Machine bag and this Pretzel Bag since they were both on sale!

Another place I get some bags from is from Nasty Gal! I picked up a Unicorn bag and this Smiley Face bag from Nasty Gal!

The Pizza Slice Bag is from JCREW believe it or not! It’s from the girls section, but who cares. I’m still working it. I’ve got my eyes on a few bags they have new like this Emoji Bag, Watermelon Bag, and Donut Bag! I gotta have the Donut bag!

I got the ice cream bag originally on, which has an amazing variety of novelty bags. But they sadly don’t sell it any more. Luckily AMAZON has an amazing slightly smaller Ice Cream Bag version for only $13.99!! It looks exactly the same as my bag and I also snagged that Cupcake bag, Popcorn Bag, French Fries Bag, and Hamburger Bag from Amazon. They have an amazing variety of Novelty Bags for super cheap! I’ve got my eye on this Cherries Bag!

And last but not least, I get a bunch of cute bags from Ban.Do! Like my Watermelon Bag, Large Rainbow Bag and Large Pink Smiley Face bag are all from Ban.Do. They’re actually refrigerated cooler bags, but I use them all the time regardless. They are too cute not too!

Cooler in Cotton 1

I find bags all over! Just google what ever you’d like a bag in, like a cotton candy purse and you’ll be sure to find it! There are some seriously cute bags being made these days and I gotta get them all like some Pokemon! lol.

I hope getting these tips on where to buy some cute purses helps you keep your own Bag Game strong! I love all my bags and I’m probably going to have a bag in the shape of everything under the sun soon!

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August 9, 2016
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