My Favorite Voodoo Doughnuts For National Donut Day!

Hey All!

It’s National Donut Day and today I wanted to share one of my favorite new donut shops to open here in Los Angeles! It’s Voodoo Doughnuts! They just opened officially at Universal Studios City Walk and I’m so excited. I went during their soft opening to get our National Donut Day celebration started early. I’m so happy they came to LA, since I loved their donuts when I visited Portland a few years ago.

The shop has a bright pink exterior, so of course I want to live in it.

It’s also pink on the inside, aka pink heaven!

I love that they have pink light fixtures and it says “the magic is in the hole” over the check out counter.

The have a huge menu of donuts, ice cream, and cake. Also known as my 3 food groups! I’m a raised donuts kind of gal and I like to type donuts instead of doughnuts. I think it just looks better!

They also have ana amazing Stumptown coffee bar, that has an amazing pink coffee maker.

This is what small box looks like. Yes their boxes are pink as well! I also love that their boxes say “Good things come in pink boxes.”

The floor is rainbow and amazing too!

I had to get a big box as I got a lot of donuts! I wanted to try them all!

This is what a big donut box looks like!

So I got a sprinkle cake donut, because I always need a rainbow sprinkle donut.

I also got a raised Little Pink donut aka strawberry sprinkle raised glazed donut.

I got a fruit loops covered donut called the Loop.

This is the shirley temple donut…

This is the Bacon Maple Bar! The name speaks for itself for what it tastes like.

I believe this is the Grape Ape Donut…

And this is the chuckles…

This is the pride donut…

And of course the Voodoo Doll Donut.

My favorites were the pride donut and the voodoo doll donut, because the pride donut had the most amazing cream inside and the voodoo doll had like a strawberry filling inside, plus the little pretzel poking it! Love it!

My husband loved the Shirley Temple donut, since it’s got coconut shavings and he loves to drink Shirley Temples. He also loved the Texas, because hello BACON!

The other donuts were cream filled as well and also were delicious, but I have my favs and I’m sticking to those along with their glazed donuts, which are amazing!

You can find more info on Voodoo Donuts on Universal Studios Hollywood City Walk HERE!