My Favorite Ways To Save When I Shop!

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Using SimplyCodes Online Shopping

Hey All!

If you saw my previous post about SimplyCodes, you’ll know how much it helped me with my holiday shopping. I loved it so much I have continued to use it in my daily shopping. You know I love to save when I shop and I do all my shopping mainly online these days. Today, I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the tools I use to save when I shop. These are the ones I love the most.

Using SimplyCodes Online Shopping

To start I’ll say I use cash back sites and apps like Rakuten and Ibotta strictly for the cashback purposes. There is nothing like getting some of the money back that you spend simply by shopping through their sites and apps. It’s a super easy way to get money back when you shop.

Sometimes by doing this I end up saving fifty percent off of what I’m buying, since I’ll be getting half of the money back. I love that it comes easily by a PayPal payment, so I don’t have to worry about a check getting lost in the mail.

I use Groupon to save on experiences and classes. I’ve gotten tickets for Daniel Tiger live to classes for my son for super cheap on Groupon!

Using SimplyCodes Online Shopping

I check the site and social media channels for Hip2Save to find out when there are great deals going on. I like to stock up on things. If the pandemic has taught me anything, this is a good thing to do. They always have the scoop on the best deals. Because of them I snagged these cute heart shaped pop-it games and bracelets for my son to make valentines for his preschool class and to make some galentines for my gal pals.

Using SimplyCodes Online Shopping

And lastly I use my favorite SimplyCodes every time I shop on my computer and phone. As you all know I’m immunocompromised, so I still barely leave our home. Online shopping is how I shop for everything including groceries. I haven’t been inside a store really in 2 years. I’ve been into Walgreens to get my vaccines, but that’s about it!

To have something like SimplyCodes that shows me the best coupon coded with out me having to search for them makes shopping online so much quicker and efficient.

If you’ve never heard of SimplyCodes, they are an amazing online shopping coupon tool where the coupon codes work reliably for shoppers. With this you won’t have to spend time searching for promo codes to use and no more disappointment finding codes that don’t work!

Using SimplyCodes Online Shopping

They have over 2+ million verified codes for over 45,000 stores. SimplyCodes will be your go-to savings tool every time you shop online. I’ve used their codes on all my favorite online stores both big and small. I’ve honestly yet to find a store they don’t have codes for. All you do is shop and save!

Using SimplyCodes Online Shopping

I love the extension for my Apple iPhone. It was so easy to install and I can save and get promo codes while I shop from my phone. The SimplyCodes iPhone and iPad browser extension for Apple’s mobile Safari browser allows mobile shoppers to have a simple, streamlined, private process of finding and applying the best available coupon codes at checkout.

First you download SimplyCodes from the Apple App store. Next you tap AA in the Safari Menu located in the top left corner of you search bar to install. Follow the easy prompts to install. You can check out my previous post for a step-by-step guide to install it. Once installed, you’ll see a pop up just like the ones below pop up while you check out on your phone.

Using SimplyCodes Online Shopping

SimplyCodes also has plug-ins that you can install on your browser (like Chrome or Safari) on your desktop. The plug-in extension will assist you with finding promo codes while you’re shopping online. A window will pop up as soon as you load a site to shop and it will automatically find a working coupon code for you to use as you shop. Both of these SimplyCodes tools are super easy to install and use.

I can’t do my online shopping with out SimplyCodes now and I save so much money using them! Word around town is SimplyCodes is going to soon not only have the best codes around, but they will start offering cash back and showcasing the sales! I can’t wait for that to happen because I’ll start solely using SimplyCodes for everything. Why waste time using multiple apps and sites when you can just use one? I know I want to save every minute I can in my day! Can’t wait for SimplyCodes to expand!

I hope my sharing this helps you save a ton as you shop online! Happy shopping everyone!

Thanks so much again to SimplyCodes for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Thank you for supporting amazing brands like this one that help keep this site going strong!

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    Sounds like a wonderful app. I love being able to save when I can. I wish they had it for Andorid though. I don’t have an iphone.

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    I like saving money. I used to use Groupon and need to check them out.

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    Looks like a really awesome app to have. I like it when I can save money on my usual purchases. I am going to check this out.