My Interview With Zachary Levi & I Want My NerdHQ!


Hey All!

As a proud Nerd who attends Comic Con every year, I naturally want my Nerd HQ. Do you? It’s sad to say, but this may be the last year for NerdHQ if founder and actor Zachary Levi doesn’t get your support! You may know Zac from his roles in Chuck and Thor: The Dark World. He’s also a big nerd. I mean check out his shirt in the picture below. I love it! If you don’t know, Nerd HQ is a 4 day free event that takes place during San Diego Comic Con. It’s not part of the con, it’s a separate independent event where fans and celebrities come together for Q&A’s, video games, parties, and events that go to support a donation to Zac’s charity of choice Operation Smile. As a writer for (Zac’s website) I’m a huge supporter of this cause. Every kid deserves a smile! I sat down with our fearless leader Zac to discuss NerdHQ and if it will continue.


Zac truly wants to keep NerdHQ going for the fellow Nerds of the world. I would love it to continue as well. It’s a great series of panels I enjoy seeing and hopefully will get to attend this year.


Here is what Zac had to say:

Nerd HQ costs around $1 million dollars to produce. Last year was the best year yet for Nerd HQ. Petco was an awesome venue and we raised more money than ever for Operation Smile. Last year, I paid for almost of it all by myself. I know people think I make these big movies and can afford it all but I can’t. I thought that I would be reimbursed when the sponsorship dollars came in, but something happened and things fell through and that didn’t happen. I was looking at major crossroads. We didn’t know if we could do it again. But I thought I’m going to try really hard to make it happen. We’ve been doing it for 3 years. I wanted to give people an experience that was not being given. I want to keep it free. Hopefully through that, they would feel moved and compelled donate to help make it happen. I don’t want to make money off the celebrity panels. I wanted to tell my celebrity friends that they could donate their time, and we could raise money for charity from the fans.


With only a $5 donation on their Indiegogo campaign you can help the cause and keep the NerdHQ train going.

Zac says:

We’re really only asking for $5, but Indiegogo’s set up didn’t allow for that. I’m asking people to give what they feel led to give if they want us to keep producing those panels. That’s the best thing we can give everyone is this event.

His partner David chimed in stating, “What you get for $5 is these amazing panels for all to see that you wouldn’t be able to see any place else.” It’s true! I mean where else would you see Tom Hiddleston re-enact a scene from Jurassic Park as a Velociraptor? No where but NerdHQ!

So will Nerd HQ happen if they don’t raise the money?

We are still going after sponsors and we’ll use every scent from the Indiegogo campaign. We are committed to doing it this year, even if I have to put my own money in again. I will do that. It may be the last year we do it. I hope it’s not, but I know that no matter what in life, if you believe in something you have to try. We will have NerdHQ this year!

We joked about how Nerds are cool now-a-days. Everyone should come and support the Nerd Side aka NerdHQ! They know how to throw awesome panels! I’m proud to be a Nerd!

Support NerdHQ by visiting Indiegogo and donating! There are only a few weeks left in the campaign. If they reach 333K, one third of their one million dollar goal, every funder that has contributed $5 or more to the campaign will be automatically entered to win a visit from Zachary Levi! Awesome right? So get to donating!

I’ve donated! Also get out on Twitter and Social media and use hashtag #IWantMyNerdHQ to show your support!

I hope NerdHQ can continue in the future don’t you?



Thanks to Zac, NerdHQ, TheNerdMachine, and ENMN for this opportunity to get the message of NerdHQ out there.