My Iron Man 3 Premiere Experience Thanks To Verizon FiOS SoCal! #FiOSIM3 #FiOSSoCal

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Hey All!

I’m sure you all went out and saw Iron Man 3 this weekend, but my fiance’ and I had the amazing opportunity to attend the star studded premiere of the film in Hollywood, CA thanks to Verizon FiOS SoCal. It was a once in a life time experience we will never forget!


If you’re a comic book geek like we are this is the premiere of all premieres you’d want to attend. Everyone in the Marvel films and in Hollywood comes out for these kinds of premieres so you are bound to meet and see some amazing stars!

The fans were lined up days in advance to try to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.


It was so great to see how Verizon FiOS was such a huge supporter of Iron Man 3! It was also great to see how many stars came out.

I spotted Andy Garcia…


And the legendary Stan Lee! He had to be there as all things Marvel essentially came out of his mind.


I also spot the stars of Iron Man 3 like Guy Pearce.


And Sir Ben Kingsley.


The red carpet was jam packed with stars from the new film as well as the old films.


The one that I couldn’t wait to talk to was of course Robert Downey Jr. and I didn’t he would stop for us. I was wrong! This is when he points at me when his handlers tell him to come our way.


This is when he starts walking towards me and I start jumping up and down like a school girl and his people think I’m hilarious.


He spoke with all of us in that section of the red carpet for a few minutes before running into the theater with his beautiful wife.

The unexpected stars that I didn’t think would be there were Thor and Loki themselves Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth. It was such an amazing surprise and Tom actually stopped and spoke with us.


You can see all my video interviews from the red carpet in this video below:



You can also find more Iron Man 3 Coverage on my Youtube Channel.

My experience on the red carpet went by lightening fast, just like the Verizon FiOS Quantum Speeds and it was amazing. I loved every second of being on the red carpet.

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I can’t thank Verizon FiOS enough for Quantum experience on the red carpet of Iron Man 3!

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