My Lunch With A Disney Legend! #PeterPanDiamond #PeterPanLunch


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I had the amazing opportunity to meet an icon and Disney Legend Kathryn Beaumont. I can’t tell you what a dream come true this was for me to have lunch with this amazing woman. She has been a voice recognized by generations as the voice of Wendy in Peter Pan and Alice in Alice in Wonderland. I know in my family alone she inspired not only me, but my own mother to want to be a mother as her character Wendy was such a great Mother figure to the Lost boys.


We chatted with Kathryn about how she started her career as a child actor in London and then moved with her family to Burbank, CA after she met Walt Disney who cast her to be the voice and star of Alice in Wonderland. Walt then asked her to be in Peter Pan as Wendy, as who else would he go to as she was a girl around the age of Wendy and also was British like Wendy. She was Wendy come to life so to speak.

She shared with us the fond memories she has of Walt Disney and how being part of such amazing films has impacted her life. One fond memory she shared with us of Walt Disney was that he new everyone’s name, even if you were just starting at the studio, he greeted you as if he’d known you for years. I thought that was amazing to hear and what a dream job that must have been to work in the studio with Walt.

As we enjoyed our beautiful lunch with Katherine, we laugh and sometimes almost cried when she spoke of all the memories she has of being a part of this legendary piece of Disney history.

We all also couldn’t get enough of the beautiful lunch provided to us as well. This salad was divine.

lunch Peter Pan

And so was this chicken.


I couldn’t help but ask if Wendy inspired her to want to be a teacher to children, and she replied no, that she always wanted to be a teacher. And she did achieve this goal, as after she finished high school and went to college she became a 2nd grade teacher. She would tell her students her favorite stories and some of the kids knew it was Wendy telling them a story much like the lost boys and Peter Pan. She also said the students would get excited especially when Disney would release a new Peter Pan Dvd as she would do things to promote it.


How exciting would it have been to have the real life Wendy as your teacher? I would have never wanted to leave school!

Katherine still resides here in Los Angeles with her own family. She’s a living Disney Legend and I can only pinch myself that I had the honor to meet such an amazing woman!

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